Changing your skin in Minecraft

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Changing your skin in Minecraft
Changing your skin in Minecraft

Changing your Minecraft skin is really really cool! It's also much easier than you think. Here's how to do this!


Method 1 of 4: Standard method (ready-made skins)

Step 1. Find a skin

Search for a skin on the many websites that offer this tool, or create your own Minecraft skin with an image editing program. Some useful sites are:

  • Minecraft Skins – Very useful, also has an editor

  • Planet Minecraft - Resources/skins/ a very handy site with several other possibilities.

    Step 2. Download your homemade Minecraft skin as a standard.png" />
    • If you want to make your own skin, there are various programs such as Gimp or Paint that are suitable for this. You can also find a number of specialized options online.

      Step 3. Sign up

      Sign in to your Minecraft account at and click on your profile tab.

      Step 4. Choose the file

      Click on Choose File and select the skin (png) you want to use. Once you have found the file, press upload and have fun!

      Method 2 of 4: A new skin without downloading

      Step 1. Go to Planet Minecraft and choose a skin

      This method is a popular and easy way to customize your avatar without downloading anything.

      Step 2. Click "Upload to minecraft" or "Change skin"

      Step 3. The official Minecraft page will now open

      Sign In.

      Step 4. Click "Change" and wait for a minute

      Step 5. Launch Minecraft and enjoy your new avatar

      Method 3 of 4: Making your own skin

      Step 1. Go to the Novaskin website

      The Novaskin Skin Editor is a website that allows you to download a skin that you have created through their website. While you can of course use software like Photoshop or MS Paint, Novaskin is probably the easiest way to create your own skin.

      Step 2. Finding the Invisible Frame

      There is an invisible outline of your character that you need to start coloring. The easiest way to do this is to select one of the colors listed at the bottom, then color randomly in the middle of the screen until you see the frame.

      Step 3. Create your skin

      Once you have found the frame, you can start making the skin. There are a number of tools you can use, ranging from an eyedropper (which lets you take over an existing pixel color) to layers that allow you to apply colors without changing the base color. Experiment to learn how to use the tools.

      • Give the skin a base color. Choose a base color for the skin by clicking one of the colors at the bottom of the screen and using the color picker to select a color. Color the whole skin by clicking and dragging over all the pixels of the character.

      • Color the clothes. Make up fun clothes for your character. The easiest is, of course, jeans and a T-shirt.

      • Give color to the hair and face. Coloring the face and hair can be a bit tricky. It is important to use different shades of a certain color to make it look realistic. Minecraft characters usually don't have a nose.

      • Make use of the available shades to make your character look better. From the side panel on the left, click on “Wear”. Select one of the first two color settings to make your character look better.

      • Use one of the ready-made skins as a base if you'd rather not start from scratch. This can be found on the left (in the Gallery tab). Find a skin you like, click on it or hover over it with the mouse and click on “+ layer”.

      • Make sure all sides of your character are colored. You can choose and color the different sides of your character, including the hard-to-reach parts.

        Step 4. Click on “Save” when you are done

        This saves the file as.png, which you can add to your game.

        Step 5. Go to your Profile on the Minecraft website

        Log in to the Minecraft website and click on the “Profile” tab.

        Step 6. Click “Choose File”

        Select the.png" /> Change Your Minecraft Skin Step 16

        Step 7. Click on “Upload”

        2014 07 29_17.48.19

        Step 8. Play your game

        Once the file has been uploaded, your character should now be equipped with the new custom skin.

        Method 4 of 4: Change a skin offline only

        1492027 1

        Step 1. Download your skin

        1492027 2

        Step 2. Disconnect your internet connection

        1492027 3

        Step 3. Go to the correct folder

        Find "%appdata%" and go to "/Roaming/.minecraft/versions" and choose the version you want.

        1492027 4

        Step 4. Locate an open JAR file

        Open that folder and look for the.jar file (it may be executable). You need winRAR to open it.

        1492027 5

        Step 5. Copy and delete the meta.inf file

        Keep the copy in a safe place where you can easily find it again.

        1492027 6

        Step 6. Change the Steve file

        To do this, go to "assets/minecraft/textures/entity" and rename the image "steve" to "steveZERO".

        You should not delete this file, because Minecraft will crash when you start playing online

        1492027 7

        Step 7. Place the new file and give it the correct name

        Name the image you downloaded "steve" (to match the filename of the original skin) and place it in the same location (in the Entity folder).

        1492027 8

        Step 8. Launch the game

        Close the folders and start the game.

        1492027 9

        Step 9. Have fun with your new skin

        You have now added something of your own to the game! Remember: This skin only works offline.


        • Restart Minecraft to make sure your character has changed properly, and press F5 on both PC and Mac to play the game in third person (third person view). If everything is correct, you can continue with the game.
        • It's easier to change your skin in Minecraft Premium. Sometimes it's just not possible to change a skin.


        • Use only the official version of Minecraft!
        • Any program that asks for your Minecraft password and username but does not belong to Minecraft is not to be trusted and should be ignored.

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