Winning Iron in Minecraft: 11 Steps (with Pictures)

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Winning Iron in Minecraft: 11 Steps (with Pictures)
Winning Iron in Minecraft: 11 Steps (with Pictures)

Iron can be used to create a multitude of items in Minecraft and is very useful. Luckily you can find it everywhere! Here are some quick tips on how to find iron ore in Minecraft.


Step 1. First, get your hands on a stone pickaxe

Stone is necessary to break the iron blocks into pieces so that the iron is released.

Step 2. Grab some torches

You'll also need some torches, as it can get dark quickly and you won't see a hand in front of your eyes.

Step 3. Care for soil

You need at least 80 pieces. This will help you out of the mine you've mined.

Step 4. Decide where you want to dig

Find a large area to dig in and bring the first block of soil to the surface. Now go dig four blocks away, again 1 block deep. Continue until you have an area (size doesn't matter) excavated it with holes regularly spaced. These holes should form a rectangle together.

An area of ​​5 by 5 holes should give you an average of 77 pieces of iron ore

Step 5. Start digging the first mine shaft

Start at one of the holes you dug and dig further down. Iron is usually found in layers 5-40 and never deeper than layer 63.

Step 6. Examine all the blocks around the iron you find

Iron occurs in groups or veins, so if you find one, there are probably more around. Also check diagonally. The usual size of a vein is 2x2x2 blocks.

Iron looks like peach or pink spots on gray stone

Step 7. Place torches if you need them

Take them with you again if you can.

Step 8. When you've dug through to level 40, return to the surface

Use leftover rock or other materials you've excavated to make the mine tunnel (next to the earth collected for safety) to work your way back up to the surface.

Step 9. Proceed to the next closest corridor

Using this method, all ore in a given area can be extracted.

Step 10. Return home and use a stove to transform iron ore into iron bars

Step 11. Use the iron to make all kinds of tools


  • Keep torches handy while digging a mine.
  • Free digging for iron ore is less promising than searching in natural caves.
  • Iron is used to make all kinds of things that you need later in the game. It is important that you find iron as soon as possible.
  • Try seed 8675309 at creative. Fly up and you will see that somewhere there is a piece of land with coal and iron up for grabs and a piece in the water. You can walk around there in survival mode (it's only about 20 blocks to your right) and you'll find 7 blocks of iron on the surface and many blocks of coal. There is a block of iron in the lake right next to you, but not in the ocean. There are about 13 sheep in the grass, so you don't have to travel. They grow from lambs to adult sheep in 1 min. Take advantage of this and you will find tons of material under the stone.
  • If you dig a hole that could also allow monsters to get into your mine, close it quickly, otherwise it may be difficult to get out quickly.
  • Do not try to dig in sand or gravel as this will collapse on top of you, eventually suffocating you.
  • Occasionally come back up or to your storage room to store your Iron there again.


  • You may encounter aggressive mobs in a cave.
  • Don't dig straight down or you may fall into a lava flow.

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