Obsidian in Minecraft

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Obsidian in Minecraft
Obsidian in Minecraft

This deep purple and black block is strong against all explosions, except against a wither's 'blue skull' attack. This makes it useful for creating explosion-proof shelters to protect you from creepers or other creatures and players. Obsidian is also used for several recipes, including the magic table. Unlike most items in Minecraft, there is no recipe for it and it is rarely found naturally. You can make it by pouring water on lava.


Method 1 of 4: Making obsidian without a diamond pickaxe

Make Obsidian in Minecraft Step 1

Step 1. Find a pool of lava

There is no prescription for obsidian. Instead, the lava turns to obsidian when the flowing water hits a stagnant lava 'source' block. You can find stagnant lava in the following places:

  • Lava is easiest to find as lava traps in caves and canyons. Only the top block is a source block.
  • Lava is common in the bottom ten layers of the map. Dig down diagonally to avoid falling in.
  • Rarely do you find lava lakes on the surface, but never more than twenty blocks above sea level.
  • Some villages have a single forge with two blocks of lava, visible from the outside.
Make Obsidian in Minecraft Step 2

Step 2. Collect the lava in buckets

Make a bucket of three iron bars. Use the bucket on the lava to scoop it up. You can only scoop up standing blocks of lava, not flowing lava.

In the workbench, arrange the iron in a 'V' shape

Make Obsidian in Minecraft Step 3

Step 3. Dig a hole where you want the obsidian

Make sure the hole is enclosed and nothing flammable is within two blocks of it. Wood, tall grass and many other objects will catch fire near lava.

Make Obsidian in Minecraft Step 4

Step 4. Throw the lava into the hole

Remember, only standing (not flowing) lava will turn into obsidian. This means that you need one bucket of lava for each block of obsidian you want to make.

Remember that without a diamond pickaxe you cannot mine the obsidian without destroying it. Make sure you are in the correct location, where you want the obsidian, before proceeding

Make Obsidian in Minecraft Step 5

Step 5. Let water flow over the lava

Use the empty bucket to scoop up water. Take him to the pool of lava you created and place the water above the lava so that it flows over it. When the flowing water hits the lava, the lava will turn into obsidian.

It's a good idea to build a temporary, non-combustible structure around the pool of lava to avoid a nasty flood

Method 2 of 4: Transforming lava pools with a diamond pickaxe

Make Obsidian in Minecraft Step 6

Step 1. Make sure you have a diamond pickaxe

Obsidian is the only block to be mined using a diamond pickaxe. Any less good tools will destroy the obsidian if you try to mine it.

Make Obsidian in Minecraft Step 7

Step 2. Find a lava pool

Dig almost to the bottom of the map and explore the area. It won't take long to find a large pool of lava. Since you have a diamond pickaxe, you can turn the entire pool into obsidian at once, instead of transporting the lava in buckets.

Make Obsidian in Minecraft Step 8

Step 3. Seal the area

Create a small wall on one side of the pool, leaving room to place a water block. This will reduce the chances of the water pushing you into the lava.

Make Obsidian in Minecraft Step 9

Step 4. Pour water over the lava

Place the water block in the fenced area one level above the lava. It should flow down and turn the lake's surface into obsidian.

Make Obsidian in Minecraft Step 10

Step 5. Test the edge of the obsidian

Stand along the edge and dig one block deep into the obsidian. There may be another layer of lava under the obsidian. If you're not careful you could fall into the lava, or the obsidian block will fall before you can catch it and burn it.

Make Obsidian in Minecraft Step 11

Step 6. Direct the water to where you want to mine

If there is lava under the obsidian, stand next to the water and mine the obsidian at the water's edge. The water should flow while you're mining, creating the next layer of obsidian before the lava can do any damage. Continue to mine as much obsidian as you need, moving the water as needed.

Method 3 of 4: Create Nether portals

Make Obsidian in Minecraft Step 12

Step 1. Collect twenty obsidian by other means

It takes ten obsidian to make a Nether portal. However, once you have enough for two portals, you can use a trick to get an infinite amount of obsidian without having to find lava.

Make Obsidian in Minecraft Step 13

Step 2. Create a Nether Portal

If you don't already have a portal, place obsidian blocks in a vertical frame 5 blocks high and 4 blocks wide. Activate it with a flint and steel on the lower obsidian block. This trick may not work if there is another portal nearby.

The corners of the portal do not have to be obsidian

Make Obsidian in Minecraft Step 14

Step 3. Travel through the Nether

The Nether is a dangerous place, so be prepared if you haven't been there before. You'll need the remaining ten obsidian blocks, but you may want to leave them safely behind and explore a safe route first. You must travel a certain minimum distance in a straight, horizontal line (these numbers include a safety margin of three blocks, just in case.

  • PC, Pocket Edition and Console Edition 'big' worlds: travel 19 blocks.
  • Console Edition 'medium sized' worlds: travel 25 blocks.
  • Console Edition 'classic' worlds (including all PS3 and Xbox 360 worlds): travel 45 blocks.
  • If you have multiple Overworld portals, walk away from their coordinates. This trick will not work if you are too close to an existing portal.
Make Obsidian in Minecraft Step 15

Step 4. Build a second portal

Build this in the Nether and activate it the same way you did the first one. Walking through it should bring you to a brand new portal in the Overworld.

If you appear next to an already built gate, you haven't walked far enough into the Nether. Go back to the Nether and tear down your portal with a diamond pickaxe, then rebuild it elsewhere

Make Obsidian in Minecraft Step 16

Step 5. Mine the obsidian in the Overworld portal

The portal that just appeared has fourteen obsidian blocks up for grabs. Mine these with a diamond pickaxe.

Make Obsidian in Minecraft Step 17

Step 6. Exit the same Nether portal to create a new one

Each time you walk through the newly built Nether portal, a new portal will appear in the Overworld. Use these for free obsidian. Speed ​​this up if you want a large amount of obsidian, as follows:

  • Use a bed to place your appearance point near the permanent Overworld gate.
  • Place a chest near the temporary Overworld portal. Keep the obsidian and diamond pickaxe in the chest after mining the portal.
  • Let yourself die to reappear.
  • Walk through the Nether again and exit the same portal to create a new portal. Build a tunnel between the Nether portals to increase security.

Method 4 of 4: Mine in the End

Make Obsidian in Minecraft Step 18

Step 1. Find an End Portal

The End portal leads to the final, most challenging area in Minecraft. Locating and activating is a long quest involving many Eyes of Ender. Only try this if you're ready to take on the fearsome Ender dragon.

If you're playing on the Pocket Edition, the End Portal only works on infinite (not "old") worlds running version 1.0 or later (released December 2016)

Make Obsidian in Minecraft Step 19

Step 2. Mine the End platform

When you travel through the End portal, a platform of 25 obsidian blocks will appear to stand on. Mine it with the diamond pickaxe (although you might want to kill that pesky dragon first).

Make Obsidian in Minecraft Step 20

Step 3. Mine the obsidian columns

The island with the Ender dragon has several tall towers with purple crystals on top. The towers are made entirely of obsidian.

Make Obsidian in Minecraft Step 21

Step 4. Return through the same End portal

You can return to the Overworld by dying, or by defeating the Ender dragon and walking through the exit that appears. Every time you walk through an End portal, the 25-block obsidian platform will reappear. This makes it one of the fastest ways to obtain an infinite amount of obsidian.

The obsidian columns will not return unless you let the dragon return. To make the dragon return, place four end crystals on top of the exit portal that appeared when the dragon died


  • You need obsidian to make a magic table, beacon, or an Ender chest. Once you have obsidian, cast a spell on your diamond pickaxe to speed up mining.
  • For the bucket method (pouring water over lava) you should always make sure that your pool of lava consists mainly of source blocks. Otherwise it will turn into rock when you pour water over it.
  • If you're lucky, you can find obsidian in chests from NPC villages.

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