Hatch pokemon eggs

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Hatch pokemon eggs
Hatch pokemon eggs

Want to hatch those eggs ASAP because you have other things to do but still get some cool perks to trade? This tutorial can help you with that in the 2004 and later games.


Method 1 of 7: Older versions

Hatch Pokemon Eggs Step 1

Step 1. Get a Pokémon egg by leaving two Pokémon from the same egg group, or a non-legendary Pokémon together with Ditto

Every 255 steps, there is a chance that your Pokémon have laid an egg.

Hatch Pokemon Eggs Step 2

Step 2. Get a Pokémon with the Magma Armor or Flame Body ability

Slugma, Magcargo, Magby, Magmar, Magmortar, Litwick, Lampent, Chandelure, Larvesta, and Volcarona have these abilities. Litwick and his evolutions may possess the Flash Fire ability, so check to make sure.

Hatch Pokemon Eggs Step 3

Step 3. Add the Pokémon with Flame Body or Magma Armor to your team

Magma Armor halves the number of egg cycles, and Flame Body halves the number of steps you need to take to hatch the egg. This makes hatching an egg more efficient.

Hatch Pokemon Eggs Step 4

Step 4. Hatch the Pokémon egg by running around

Use a fast bike and cycle up and down a long stretch of open ground. Use the Mauville breeding trail in Hoenn, the Solaceon breeding trail in Sinnoh and the Cycling Road in Kanto. You can check the progress of the egg hatching by viewing the egg summary.

Method 2 of 7: Ruby/Sapphire

Hatch Pokemon Eggs Step 5

Step 1. Find a mudslide

Hatch Pokemon Eggs Step 6

Step 2. Try to cycle against it with the Acro Bike

Every time you fail you have taken a step. By doing nothing but holding down your character's advance key, the egg will hatch in no time!

Unfortunately this bug has been fixed in Emerald so you will have to use the Mauville breeding path. But the flaw is still intact in Gen IV games, so good luck

Method 3 of 7: Diamond/Pearl

Hatch Pokemon Eggs Step 7

Step 1. Go to the Fuego Ironworks near Floaroma Town

Hatch Pokemon Eggs Step 8

Step 2. Find a spot where the sliding tiles face the wall

Hatch Pokemon Eggs Step 9

Step 3. Place your character next to the wall and then press that directional button that will make your character move towards the tile with a rubber band or bulldog clip on it

Continue to hold the button for as long as necessary.

Method 4 of 7: Pokémon X and Y

Try the following method in Pokémon X and Y

Hatch Pokemon Eggs Step 10

Step 1. Get a Ditto

It doesn't matter what gender the Pokémon is. Since Ditto can transform, he can pair up with anything.

Hatch Pokemon Eggs Step 11

Step 2. Leave the Ditto, along with the Pokémon you want the Ditto to pair with, at the daycare center along Route 7

Hatch Pokemon Eggs Step 12

Step 3. Find the Froufrou Palace

There will be a courtyard nearby. Ride your bike around the courtyard, then head back to the daycare center to get your egg.

Hatch Pokemon Eggs Step 13

Step 4. Return to the courtyard and drive around until the egg hatches

Method 5 of 7: In Pokémon GO, hatch an egg without having to walk around

Fix Brakes on a Bike Step 14

Step 1. Attach your mobile to a bicycle wheel

Turn a bike upside down and attach your phone to one of the spokes on the inside of the wheel. If you spin the pedals with your hands, the Pokémon GO app will detect movement, which will hatch an egg in your possession in the same way it would if you were walking.

Fix a Squeaking Ceiling Fan Step 6

Step 2. Attach your mobile to a fan

Attach your mobile very carefully to the blade of a standing fan or to the top of a ceiling fan with duct tape. When you turn on the fan, Pokémon GO will detect movement and your egg will hatch.

  • If you are using a standing fan, make sure the fan is stable and can support the weight of the mobile without tipping over.
  • The further from the center of the fan you stick the mobile, the faster it will go.
Clean a Vinyl Record Step 1

Step 3. Place your mobile on top of a record player

When you turn on the record player, your mobile will spin and according to the Pokémon app, it will move, as if you were walking with it.

Operate a Roomba Step 13

Step 4. Place your mobile on top of a Roomba

As you've probably figured out by now, you can make Pokémon eggs hatch faster by attaching or laying your mobile on just about anything that's stable and detectably moving in one direction. If you happen to have a flat cleaning robot, such as a Roomba, in your house and you put your phone on top of it while it's busy, you have an easy way to make your egg hatch faster - and at the same time get the dirt out of your carpet.

Draw a Train Step 11

Step 5. Place your phone on a toy train that travels on a closed circle track

Reduce the speed of the train, if necessary, and simply let it run. This hack was discovered by a Japanese Twitter user.

Merge with Heavy Traffic Step 1

Step 6. Leave the app on during a traffic jam

Who could have guessed that a traffic jam could be fun before self-driving cars were invented? If you drive slower than 30 km/h, the app will detect the distance you travel and subtract it from the distance you need to travel before your egg hatches. Note: This is not to say that we encourage you to play Pokémon GO while driving; just run the game to make the egg hatch.

Train a Naughty Labrador Step 5

Step 7. Strap your cellphone to a dog

Assuming it's your own dog, you'll need a medium to large size dog. Let your dog do what he/she does best – roam. Keep an eye on your dog to prevent your cell phone from being stolen.

Become a Drone Pilot Step 2

Step 8. Attach your mobile to a drone

Let your egg hatch at unprecedented heights.

Forward Your Cell Phone Step 5

Step 9. Turn off Google Maps

Doing this may cause an error in the program that determines the location of your phone, causing your trainer avatar to "walk" aimlessly near your real location without you taking a single step.

Method 6 of 7: Hatching an egg in Pokémon GO

Hatch Pokemon Eggs Step 23

Step 1. Get a Pokémon egg

To hatch a Pokémon egg in Pokémon GO, you must first find one. You can find an egg by walking to the nearest PokéStop and activate it by spinning the medallion that will appear in the center. A number of objects will appear, which may contain an egg. Tap it to grab it; If you don't find an egg with this PokéStop, you'll need to move to another blue-colored PokéStop and try again.

Hatch Pokemon Eggs Step 24

Step 2. Check how long it takes for the egg to hatch

Once you have an egg you will want to know how long it will take to hatch after the incubation period has started. You will find out by:

  • Access your inventory by clicking the PokéBall at the bottom of the screen.
  • Tap the "Pokémon" button.
  • Tap "Eggs" in the top right corner.
  • Find your egg and tap it. A picture of the egg will be shown on the screen. Below that will be 2 km, 5 km or 10 km. That is the distance you have to travel for the egg to hatch.
Hatch Pokemon Eggs Step 25

Step 3. Let the egg hatch

Once you have your egg you have to let it hatch in order for it to hatch. You can do this with the Incubator you receive at the start of the game, or with another one you bought from the PokéShop. In order for your egg to hatch you must:

  • Go to the eggs you collected as described above.
  • Tap the egg you want to hatch.
  • Tap 'Incubate' to start hatching.
Hatch Pokemon Eggs Step 26

Step 4. Cover the distance under the egg

If your egg is a 5km egg you will have to travel 5km to hatch it. So don't delay and go for a walk, jog, skateboard or bike! After you have covered the given distance, a screen with 'Oh?' on it will appear and your Pokémon will hatch!

  • The app must be on while you cover the given distance.
  • If you go faster than 30 km/h, your egg will not hatch any further.
  • Pay attention to your surroundings when you go somewhere with the app open.
  • The longer the distance you have to travel, the rarer the Pokémon will be.
Hatch Pokemon Eggs Step 27

Step 5. Once the first egg has hatched, let another egg hatch

Once the egg you are hatching hatches, the quality of your Incubator will continue to deteriorate. Use your Incubator as efficiently as possible by putting a new egg in it as soon as possible.

You can hatch multiple eggs at once by purchasing additional Incubators from the store

Method 7 of 7: Egg hatching in Pokémon Sun and Moon

Hatch Pokemon Eggs Step 28

Step 1. Add the egg to your team

Hatch Pokémon Eggs Step 29

Step 2. Walk to the small, fenced-in patch of land with the hay bales, right across from the Pokémon Nursery

Hatch Pokemon Eggs Step 30

Step 3. Once inside the enclosure, climb onto the Tauros and hold down the B button while using the circle pad to spin around

This is the fastest way to hatch an egg.

Hatch Pokemon Eggs Step 31

Step 4. If you are not in a rush, you can also just keep it in your team as you walk from one place to another


  • Breeding Lines.

    Breeding Lines are long, continuous stretches of ground that you can run or cycle over. Each Line is approximately 150 steps long. The Solaceon Line is on the right hand side of the road through Solaceon Town (you will need climbing equipment to climb the mudslides), and the Mauville Line follows the upper section of the trail below the Day Care.

  • When you got an egg you have to go to Goldenrod City and ride your bike up and down. Check your egg often, because this way it will hatch quickly.
  • Keep an eye on your game console and turn up the volume as loud as possible. It is recommended that you place your game console near your computer so that you can do things on the computer while the egg(s) are hatching.

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