Dueling in Red Dead Redemption: 8 Steps (with Pictures)

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Dueling in Red Dead Redemption: 8 Steps (with Pictures)
Dueling in Red Dead Redemption: 8 Steps (with Pictures)

Dueling is a mode in Red Dead Redemption where you face a single opponent to see who can draw their revolver the fastest. Losing a duel will kill you, so knowing how to be the fastest will help prevent you from going to the grave early. Once you get good at aiming and shooting in a duel, no one will be able to beat you.


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Step 1. Start a duel

The wild west is a dangerous place and conflicts are often resolved by seeing who can draw their revolver the fastest. There are a number of ways you could end up in a duel during your adventures:

  • Some of the missions associated with the main storyline include a duel, as well as some Stranger quests.
  • As your fame grows, you will be more likely to be challenged to a duel. The greater your fame, the more likely you are to be challenged by someone who wants to make a name for yourself. You can be challenged as you walk through the different villages and settlements in the game. You increase your fame by completing missions, tasks and challenges as well as winning at poker and by killing enemies.
  • If you are caught cheating at poker, the person who was the victim of your cheating may challenge you to a duel. If you wear the Elegant Suit while cheating at poker, you will be challenged to a duel every time you are caught.
  • You can also be challenged to a duel if you knock someone over with your horse, but this happens much less often.
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Step 2. Understand the scoring in a duel

At the start of a duel, there are two bars in the lower right corner of the screen. The blue bar represents your score while the red bar represents your opponent's score. To win the duel, you must have filled your bar before your opponent. Aiming at the head or chest and marking your target at the right time will quickly fill your bar.

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Step 3. Hold

LT/L2 when the word "Draw!" appears on the screen.

This will draw you out your firearm. If you press the button too early, the camera will zoom out and it will be harder to hit your opponent.

You can also draw your firearm by pushing your right lever down and then up, simulating pulling the firearm from its holster

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Step 4. Use the right lever to position the reticle where you want it

Time slows down as soon as you draw your weapon. You can move the reticle slowly with the right lever. Aim for the head or chest to fill your bar the fastest. You can also aim at your opponent's pistol hand. This allows you to disarm him, which increases your honor.

  • Do not shoot at the stomach or legs, as this will fill your meter very little.
  • Note that you may not be able to disarm your opponents during duels associated with the story.
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Step 5. Note the color of the reticle

As the reticle moves over your opponent, its color and size will change. If the reticle is big and red, the shots aren't worth much. If it is small and white, the shots are worth the most.

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Step 6. Press

RB/R1 to mark your target.

If the reticle is small and white and you have aimed your gun at the part of your opponent you want to shoot at, you must RB/R1 Press to mark the target.

If you aim for the pistol hand, a good shot with a white reticle will most likely fill your bar in one go. This is a hard shot to make, so if you still haven't managed it after making two marks, you should consider a quick shot to the head or chest to still win the duel

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Step 7. Keep marking your target

With the revolver you can mark your target six times. The number of markers available depends on the firearm you are using for the duel. Each time you make a mark, your bar will continue to fill. You don't have to fill the bar completely, just to a level that is higher than your opponent's.

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Step 8. Press

RT/R2 if you're happy with your markings.

This ends the duel and if your bar is fuller than your opponent's, John will shoot at your opponent's spots you marked.

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