Adopting a Child in Skyrim: 7 Steps (with Pictures)

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Adopting a Child in Skyrim: 7 Steps (with Pictures)
Adopting a Child in Skyrim: 7 Steps (with Pictures)

Skyrim is a video game available for PS3, Xbox and PC. It is an RPG (Role Playing Game), set in a fantasy world where your character is expected to fulfill quests, discover artifacts and fight enemies. When you buy the Hearthfire expansion you get the option to adopt children to live in your home.


Part 1 of 3: Decorating your home

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Step 1. Purchase and install the Hearthfire DLC

In order to adopt children, you must first install the Hearthfire DLC; this will add the adoption content to your Skyrim game.

If you play the PC version you can install mods that will allow you to adopt children without having to buy the DLC

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Step 2. Buy a suitable residence

Buy a house with a nursery, or buy a farm at least furnished with a bed and a chest.

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Step 3. Talk to your overseer or a Jarl servant

Click on the phrase "I'd like to decorate a home" and the servant will give you a choice of things to buy. Select the phrase “Childrens Bedroom.” By clicking on this you can purchase a room for your children.

The options may change slightly depending on which Jarl servant appeals to you

Part 2 of 3: Killing Grelod

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Step 1. Do the "Innocence Lost" quest

While this isn't necessary to kill Grelod, it can give you some extra experience while doing the quest. You can start the quest by talking to Aventus Aretino in the village of Windhelm.

Cracking the lock of the Aretino Residence is the fastest way to get to Avenus and begin the quest

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Step 2. Travel towards Honorhall Orphanage

Travel to Riften. Once there you will need to cross the bridge that leads to the front door of Bee and Bard, after which if you turn left you will see a small market place. Keep walking straight ahead, past the market. Stop when you see some stairs leading to Mistveil Keep. Go right. You will see a small house called Honorhall Orphanage. When you go in through the door you will see a lot of children and there is a short scene where you meet Grelod the Kind.

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Step 3. Kill Grelod

You won't be reported by the kids if you kill Grelod, so feel free to kill her as soon as you meet her. Be careful not to kill Constance Michel or you'll put a price on your head in The Rift.

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Step 4. Exit the orphanage

A short time later you will receive a letter informing you that the orphanage has received a new headmaster.

Part 3 of 3: Adopting a child

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Step 1. Go back to Honorhall Orphanage

Speak to Constance Michel, the new headmaster. Click on the option to adopt a child and she will ask you some questions.

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Step 2. Give the correct answers

Say that you are the Dragonborn and that you have a suitable home and sleeping area for the child you are about to adopt. Constance will congratulate you and send you to the next room.

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Step 3. Choose a child and select the option "I can adopt you, if you want

"The child you have chosen will be sent to your home.

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Step 4. Adopt a homeless child

You can find several kids roaming the streets all over Skyrim who can be adopted. By talking to these children, after you have met all the conditions to adopt a child, you will be able to adopt them.

  • Alesan - Dawnstar
  • Blaise - Katla's Farm in Solitude
  • Lucia - Whiterun near Gildergreen
  • Sophie - Windhelm in the Gray Quarter
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Step 5. Adopt a child from a dead NPC

Children whose parents were killed by the player or other NPCs will eventually appear in the Honorhall Orphanage. See the list below to find out which NPCs must die to make a child available. You must not be seen killing the parent or you will not be able to adopt the child.

Name location NPCs That Must Die
aeta Skaal Village Oslof, Finnan
Braith whiterun Amren, Sapphire
british Rorikstead Lemkil
Clinton Lylvieve dragon bridge Azzada Lylvieve, Michel Lylvieve, Julienne Lylvieve
Dorthe Riverwood Alvor, Sigrid
Eirid The Frozen Hearth Haran, Dagur
Erith Left Hand Mine daighre
Frodnar Riverwood Hod, Gerdur
gralnach Heartwood Mill grossa
hrefna Darkwater Crossing Tarmir, Sondas Drenim
knud Katla's Farm Katla, Snilling
Minette Vinius The Winking Skeever Sorex Vinius, Corpulus Vinius
sissel Rorikstead Lemkil
Skuli Old Hroldan Eydis, Leontius Salvius
svari solitude Greta, Addvaro
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Step 6. Use the console to force the adoption

If you're playing the PC version, you can use the console to change a child's behavior for you to adopt. Open the console and select the child so you can see the ID. Then enter the following commands:

setrelationshiprank childID 4

setrelationship rank player 4

addfac 3004290 1

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