Reach level 77 in Candy Crush Saga

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Reach level 77 in Candy Crush Saga
Reach level 77 in Candy Crush Saga

At level 77 of the Candy Crush saga you are rudely awakened as a beginner. To pass this level, players must remove all jelly and reach 50,000 points within a mere 25 moves. To make things even more difficult, all the jelly is gathered in a narrow central part that is not connected to the rest of the field and also contains chocolate that spreads further with each turn in which it is not removed. It forces players to find creative solutions in an attempt to indirectly remove the jelly with special candies, and within the time limit.


Method 1 of 3: Applying Successful Strategies

Beat Level 77 in Candy Crush Saga Step 1

Step 1. Prioritize the candies with vertical stripes

The biggest difficulty in this level is that the rows you have the most effect on - the rows at the top and the ones at the bottom - aren't the ones that have jelly in them. And since the middle section is not connected to the rest of the playing field, your best option is to use the lines at the bottom and top of the field to your advantage by making as many vertically striped candies as possible.

  • Remember that you can make vertical striped candies by making horizontal rows of four. Making vertical rows of four will give you horizontally striped candies, but they are not very useful in this playing field because they can't touch the middle part.
  • Realize that there are nine compartments in the middle section, each containing two layers of jelly. Quick calculation means that you have to remove a total of 18 squares of jelly. Since you only have 25 turns, if you were only using vertical striped candy, you would have to use a vertical striped candy 18 out of 25 turns, and in the right place too! This is not realistic. It would be much easier if you also try to make some super combos.
Beat Level 77 in Candy Crush Saga Step 2

Step 2. Use wrapped/striped combos to hit the center part

Combinations of wrapped and striped candies are your most useful asset at this level. With these combos you can free up three rows and three columns in the shape of a big "cross", meaning you can hit three boxes of jelly at once. Unfortunately, it will take you a few turns to put together such a combo of wrapped and striped candies. So if you don't have a lot of time, don't spend it trying to make these combos.

  • One of the best possible Moves you can make in this level is to activate a combo of wrapped/striped candies on the right side of the field early in the game. If you do this in the right place, you can remove the chocolate and the blocked square in one turn. Nothing wrong with that!
  • Note that combos of wrapped and striped candies will go to the square you swipe to, not the first square you touch.
Beat Level 77 in Candy Crush Saga Step 3

Step 3. If you can, focus on the chocolate first

The chocolate, which starts on the right side of the middle section, is your biggest enemy in this level. If you don't stop this once it starts to spread, it can very quickly devour the entire middle section, making it very difficult to pass this level. It is therefore best to remove the chocolate as soon as you get the chance with a few vertically striped candies, or a combo of wrapped and striped candies.

  • Try to remove the chocolate before you clear the blocked space. Once the chocolate has spread, it is still possible to remove it, but it takes more time and is almost always more difficult.
  • Realize that you don't necessarily have to touch the chocolate itself: by removing a candy next to the chocolate (not if it is blocked, etc.), you also remove the chocolate.
Beat Level 77 in Candy Crush Saga Step 4

Step 4. Don't forget to watch out for combinations in the middle part

While it's good to focus on vertical striped candies and combos of wrapped and striped candies, sometimes combinations arise in the middle part of the playing field as well. Reaching a single horizontal row of three of the same squares in the middle section is, in light of your goal achievement, just as valuable as a combo of striped and wrapped candies (and it's faster to achieve!). For that reason, you should never forget every now and then, before choosing a move on the outside, to take a look at the middle part to see if there is still a good move to make.

In fact, if you can form two rows of three equal cubes in one turn (rare but very possible), you can clear six jelly squares in one turn. And that's twice as much as you can get with a combo of striped/wrapped candies, in just a fraction of the number of moves. So don't just put these opportunities aside

Beat Level 77 in Candy Crush Saga Step 5

Step 5. Use color bombs if you have many jelly boxes of the same color

Color Bombs – made by getting a horizontal row of five candies of the same color – can be useful in certain situations, but they are not necessary. So think carefully about whether it is worth it. If you see that you can make a color bomb in one turn, and use it in the next to remove a common color in the middle section, then it's worth it.

On the other hand, if it takes you a lot of turns to make a color bomb and deploy it effectively, you might want to use your time making alternate moves

Beat Level 77 in Candy Crush Saga Step 6

Step 6. If no other moves can be made, remove candies at the bottom of the square

If you can't make any productive moves at all on your turn, it is almost always better to remove candies at the bottom of the field than to remove candies from the top. That's because there are more candies above the candies at the bottom, making it more likely that a waterfall will occur. And a waterfall increases the chance that you will get a special kind of candy (otherwise you will at least get more points due to the waterfall effect).

Method 2 of 3: Know what to avoid

Beat Level 77 in Candy Crush Saga Step 7

Step 1. Don't waste time trying to get new blocks in the middle part

It is important to realize that there are no teleportation squares on the top or bottom of the squares in the middle section. So it has no effect on the candies in the middle section if you remove candies elsewhere. The only way to get new cubes in the middle section is either by removing cubes on the spot, or with striped candies, combos of two striped candies, or combos of striped and wrapped candies.

Beat Level 77 in Candy Crush Saga Step 8

Step 2. Only use wrapped candies in combos with a striped candy

On their own, wrapped candies are worthless in this level – the range of their explosion isn't big enough to affect the middle section, where the chocolate and jelly are. For that reason, you shouldn't want to waste turns making them. Unless you plan to use them to activate a vertical striped candies or to make a combo of striped and wrapped candies.

However, on the rare occasion that you can make a combo of two wrapped candies, use that one! The huge range of that blast should be able to hit a large part of the center piece at least 1x (unless you set it off at the bottom of the field.)

Beat Level 77 in Candy Crush Saga Step 9

Step 3. Don't let the chocolate get out of hand

Once the chocolate has been able to spread over the middle part, it can become very difficult to pass the level, as this basically adds a layer that you have to "break" before you can start removing the jelly. Your best bet is to keep the chocolate from spreading until you have one or two vertically striped candies ready to dissolve it.

This means that you should not attempt to break the blocked box until you are ready to remove the chocolate. You can remove the jelly on the left, and be sure to remove the chocolate on the right before hitting the blocked cube. But once you have cleared the blocked cube, you must be ready to remove the chocolate immediately, otherwise you will end up in a very difficult situation

Beat Level 77 in Candy Crush Saga Step 10

Step 4. Also don't forget to pay attention to the points limit

There's nothing more frustrating than removing all the jelly in this level, only to fail because you didn't get enough points. Although the first star's milestone is relatively low on the points meter, it is still possible to finish this level without the 50,000 points you need to actually make it. So keep an eye on how many points you collect over the course of the level.

Keep in mind that since you get a bonus point for each unused turn at the end of the level, it's almost always better to finish early than to waste turns making massive combos

Method 3 of 3: Using "Meta" solutions

The tips in this section are not so much about playing this game, but are generally not considered cheating. You can choose to ignore this part -- your gaming experience will not be affected by it.

Beat Level 77 in Candy Crush Saga Step 11

Step 1. Put the game back until you have a good playing field

This trick works well on the mobile version of this game, but not on the desktop version. If you've started the level and you don't see any good moves, stop. Hit the "back" button on your screen before making a move, and hit "yes" when asked if you really want to quit. You should now be back on the map. Now open the level again and you will have a different playing field, but still as many lives! Use this to your advantage until you have an advantageous selection of blocks to start the level (like an easy setup to make a vertical striped candy on the right side of your playing field.)

To make it clear: You can rearrange the field by going back out of the level without making any moves, and then re-entering it. This will not cost you any lives. However, once you make a move, it will cost you a life to rearrange the level

Beat Level 77 in Candy Crush Saga Step 12

Step 2. Consider starting with a booster you've earned before

For example, if you've used the Daily Booster Wheel, you've probably already collected at least a few boosters. At level 77, you can use three of them: wrapped and striped candies, color bombs, and drill fish. Each of these can give you an advantage – read more below for more information.

  • Wrapped and Striped Candies: If you get a vertically striped candies, you will be able to hit the center part with it. If your wrapped and striped candies are close together, you can even combine them to make a valuable combo of striped and wrapped candies.
  • Jetfishes: Disputable, but possibly the best choice for this level. Jellyfish will automatically clear any three squares of jelly. Since some of the boxes are hard to hit, this can be very valuable. It can be a good strategy to keep your fish until the end of the level, so that there is a better chance of them hitting the squares you want.
  • Color Bomb: You can read above for information about this. They can be very valuable if there are many candies of the same color in the middle part.
Beat Level 77 in Candy Crush Saga Step 13

Step 3. Watch videos on how to play level 77

It's a good start to reading about how to get to level 77 - seeing these tips and tricks in action can make it much easier to understand. Fortunately, there are dozens of helpful videos available, full of tips on how to get to level 77 (as well as on just about every other difficult level in Candy Crush Saga.)

One of those videos is featured below – other videos can be easily found on YouTube and other video channels


  • Stay patient as you try to pass this level. Much of your success will be determined by the random package of candies you get, and you have no way of influencing that.
  • A good way to get your life back on your mobile is to set the clock on your phone a few hours ahead. Don't forget to turn back the time when you're done playing!
  • If you're willing to cheat, it's not hard to work your way past the five-life limit in Candy Crush. Start the game in your internet browser and then open it a few more times in multiple tabs. When you run out of lives in one tab, you will still have your original five lives in the other tabs. It is very easy to get twenty, thirty or even more lives that way.

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