Collecting Diamonds in Animal Jam: 7 Steps (with Pictures)

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Collecting Diamonds in Animal Jam: 7 Steps (with Pictures)
Collecting Diamonds in Animal Jam: 7 Steps (with Pictures)

In the world of Animal Jam, jewels and diamonds are the currency used, and there are several ways to collect more diamonds, including using promo codes, playing a few rounds, and participating in challenges and missions. Diamonds can then be used to make in-game purchases such as pets, armor, and animals. In this article you will find out how to collect more diamonds in Animal Jam.


Part 1 of 2: Getting free diamonds

Get Diamonds on Animal Jam Step 1

Step 1. Use a promo code

Animal Jam regularly releases promotional codes that you can redeem for diamonds, jewelry, and other cool gifts. Once you have logged into your Animal Jam account, click on the 'I Have a Code to Enter' box and enter your code there. You can also go directly to the Animal Jam code redemption page. Codes are constantly changing, and Animal Jam releases new ones every few weeks. To find the latest codes you need to search the internet for 'Animal Jam codes'.

You can also check out The Daily Explorer, Animal Jam's blog

Get Diamonds on Animal Jam Step 2

Step 2. Register as a member

Animal Jam members have another daily spin that guarantees them diamonds or other fun stuff. To become a member you must have a paid account, so discuss this with your parents first.

Get Diamonds on Animal Jam Step 3

Step 3. Win them with the Daily Spin

When the Daily Spin appears, click on 'Spin', there is a chance (non-members only, members are almost guaranteed to get something in addition to the nice things they normally already get) that you will receive diamonds, jewels or other nice things. wins. If you are logged in your bonus will be increased.

Get Diamonds on Animal Jam Step 4

Step 4. Take part in a Diamond Challenge

At Animal Jam, you'll have new challenges to take part in every few weeks. Usually there are several winners per challenge, and usually you can win about five diamonds with it. The Diamond Challenges are posted on the Animal Jam blog, and usually involve taking a screenshot of your animal or something else you like (and posting it to Jammer Central).

To submit your own work for a Diamond Challenge, you must save the work you wish to submit on your computer as a.jpg" />

Part 2 of 2: Buying diamonds

Screenshot 2018 10 03 at 5.00.29 PM

Step 1. Become a paying member

Besides the fact that because of your membership you get diamonds on a daily basis, you get instant jewel bonuses once you purchase a membership. Always consult your parents before you spend money on anything. Each membership has different benefits, for example:

  • A three-month membership earns you 10 diamonds.
  • A six-month membership earns you 25 diamonds.
  • A one-year membership earns you 60 diamonds.
Screenshot 2018 10 03 at 5.01.16 PM

Step 2. Get a gift card

Animal Jam gift cards go in diamonds, so if someone gives you one, you also get free diamonds.

Screenshot 2018 10 03 at 5.03.09 PM

Step 3. Buy them

If you don't have enough diamonds for something you want and don't have the time to collect them through gameplay, competitions, or weekly gifts, you can also buy them from Animal Jam Outfitters.

  • Diamonds come in packs of five, 10 and 25.
  • Remember to always consult with your parents or guardian(s) before buying anything online.

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