Playing League of Legends (with Pictures)

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Playing League of Legends (with Pictures)
Playing League of Legends (with Pictures)

League of Legends, also known as LoL, is a free-to-play MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena). If you haven't played the game before, you can read the explanation below for a basic understanding of how things work in the game, what the objectives are in the game and some possible strategies for the game.


Part 1 of 3: Choosing your gameplay

Play League of Legends Step 1

Step 1. Play PvP

In this mode, all champions (or controlled characters) are played by human players, rather than by the computer. There are a number of different options in this game mode:

  • Classic – In this mode, players work towards destroying the enemy's Nexus (or base building).
  • Dominion - In this mode, the object of the game is to control a certain number of capture points or locations (which are very similar to the gun turrets you encounter in Classic mode).
  • ARAM - In this mode, all of the player's champions are chosen at random, and players are expected to fight side by side on the central road (or 'lane').
Play League of Legends Step 2

Step 2. Play Co-op vs AI

In a Co-op vs. AI game will have you, along with other player controlled characters, play in one team against computer controlled opponents (aka “bots”).

Only Classic and Dominion modes are available when you select this mode

Play League of Legends Step 3

Step 3. Play a custom game

In a custom game you can determine the number of players, and also a password to ensure that only your friends can play. The opposing team can consist of players as well as bots.

Play League of Legends Step 4

Step 4. Choose a card

By choosing a card you choose what kind of environment you will play in. It also affects the number of players in a team and what game modes are available. This is easy to see, so choose a card that meets the criteria you've set.

Play League of Legends Step 5

Step 5. Choose the Game Type

The game mode determines how the champions are chosen. With a blind pick, players cannot see which champions have been chosen. In a draft pick, players take it in turns to prohibit the use of certain champions, and then pick certain champions. Ranked games are more competitive and consist of matching players with game status, based on their experience.

Play League of Legends Step 6

Step 6. Invite your friends

You can play together with your friends in any game mode. All you have to do is click on "I will invite my own teammates" in the bottom right corner when prompted, after making the last setting (either game mode or difficulty).

Play League of Legends Step 7

Step 7. Use 'Riot Points'

Riot Points, which can be purchased with real money and viewed at the top right of the screen, next to your name, are used to buy new champions or "boosts" (which increase the rate at which you earn Influence Points).

Play League of Legends Step 8

Step 8. Use Influence Points

Influence Points are the other means of payment in the game, with the difference that they are obtained through playing games. These can be used to permanently unlock champions, buy Runes, or buy more Rune Pages.

Part 2 of 3: Choosing your character

Play League of Legends Step 9

Step 1. Choose a character

After you have decided to participate in a battle, you will choose your champion (or a champion will be chosen for you). It is very important which character you choose. So don't pick one simply because it looks cool. Choose your character based on how you best play the game, and based on what your team needs. There are many roles a character can play, but here are at least a few:

  • Tanks are champions with a lot of life and a high resistance to magic, who for the most part should be placed on the front lines. They have little attack power, but help their team by distracting the enemy.
  • Fighters are similar to tanks but have more attack power. They are usually used as support for the weaker champions.
  • Marksmen are relatively weak champions in defense but can pull off great long range attacks. They are often a target of the enemy so they probably need to be protected. Mages are very similar to marksmen.
  • Support champions are tasked with helping every individual in their team who needs help. They usually have some sort of power for shielding or healing their allies.
  • Assassins are champions who can deal a lot of damage in a short amount of time. They focus on killing enemies quickly and staying hidden in the time between kills.
Play League of Legends Step 10

Step 2. Pay attention to a character's attributes

Attributes determine the effectiveness of the armor, the amount of life your champion has, and the amount of magical power (aka "mana") they have at their disposal. Each character has a core attribute (one with a higher level than the other) that strongly determines what their role will be in the game. The level of attributes increases as the level increases.

  • Attack power determines how much damage a champion can inflict with standard attacks. A lot of attack power is usually a good choice for a 'marksman'.
  • 'Defense power' determines characteristics such as the level of the champion's armor, which makes them harder to injure. Characters with a lot of 'defense power' are good 'tanks'.
  • Ability power determines how often the champion can use his/her abilities. This is similar to the mana and stamina in other games. When characters have a lot of ability power, they are usually expected to use their skills a lot. That's why you need to make sure you know how to use your characters' abilities.
Play League of Legends Step 11

Step 3. Buy items

When you first step into the world, you come out next to a shop where you should buy a few items. You can buy consumables here (such as elixirs and similar items), items that increase your attributes, protective equipment, and magical items (if your character has the talent to do so).

You can buy these items with gold. You get some gold every few seconds, but you can also earn gold by, for example, killing enemy soldiers (called "Minions"), destroying enemy gun turrets and a lot of other things

Part 3 of 3: Starting to develop a strategy

Play League of Legends Step 12

Step 1. Choose a strategy to win with

There are three main roads in the classic world of Summoner's Rift (two in Twisted Treeline, and there are no fixed routes in Crystal Scar). These roads are called lanes. In the game, you and your enemies will be primarily positioned on these lanes, in varying numbers, fighting for control of these lanes so you can advance towards each other's gun turrets and destroy them, ultimately destroying each other's turrets. nexus. You and your teammates will need to come up with a plan as to how you want to use the lanes.

Play League of Legends Step 13

Step 2. Collaborate with your teammates

Work together with your teammates to kill the enemy slowly but surely. Remember that the objective is not to kill them, but to destroy their turrets and their Nexus. Remember that Minions (the little creatures you can't control) are also part of your team. They are the key to winning the game and protecting yourself. They fight against the enemy Minions and gun turrets, preventing you from taking damage, as by default both will kill them first and then you.

  • Stay behind the Minions as they are your line of defense.
  • Minions appear every 30 seconds and come down the lanes in waves.
Play League of Legends Step 13

Step 3. Win by destroying the enemy's turrets and their Nexus

You win the game once the enemy's main building, called their Nexus, is destroyed. This building is on the opposite side of the map from where you start. Reach this other point by destroying the gun turrets that stand in the way and hinder your advance.

The flip side of this, of course, is that the enemy team will attempt to destroy your turrets at the same time. Protect your turrets

Play League of Legends Step 14

Step 4. Destroy enemy 'inhibitors'

Once you have destroyed 3 enemy turrets in one lane you can destroy one of their inhibitors in the same way. This one won't fight back. Once you destroy one, wave after wave of "super minion" allies will appear. These are stronger than standard minions and have more life. Use them to divert attention from the gun turrets at the enemy's base and eventually destroy them, along with the enemy's Nexus.

Play League of Legends Step 15

Step 5. Attack the enemy

You will be fighting enemy 'Minions' for most of the time, but you will also be fighting enemy champions and gun turrets. Attack the enemy, but remember to focus on reaching their gun turrets (and ultimately their Nexus). Don't do stupid things and don't be impatient. Take your time and make smart kills.

  • When you right click on an enemy you do basic attacks.
  • Use and improve skills throughout the game. Skills will be different with each character. They default to the Q-R keys (each skill on the screen has a label). Experiment with skills and find the best ways to use them. Use them to help your teammates and yourself.
Play League of Legends Step 16

Step 6. Make sure you strike the final blow

It is very important in League of Legends to deal the final blow. Only the player who deals the final blow to the enemy or the turret gets gold. Make sure to deliver the final blow if your character is one that benefits from gold. One way to do this is, as soon as you see that an enemy is running out of health, take that opportunity to kill him. Properly estimating the moment when you will strike the final blow is a skill that you must learn.

Play League of Legends Step 17

Step 7. Don't forget about Baron Nashor and the jungle monsters

Remember that neutral monsters dwell in the jungles between the lanes and will attack you if they get the chance. Then there's the monster Baron Nashor, waiting for you just outside the lanes. He is mighty and his attacks are very strong, but if you kill him you will get some rewards that are worth your while. Never try to fight him alone.

Play League of Legends Step 18

Step 8. Heal yourself to stay alive

Your life is represented by the green bar at the bottom left, as well as above your character. The easiest way to heal yourself is to return to basics, which you do by clicking the 'B' button. You can also buy healing potions-which, however, only help at the start of the game, when your total life is low. Sometimes supporting characters can also help you stay alive.

Play League of Legends Step 19

Step 9. Stay alive

The goal in these kind of strategy games is not to score as many kills as possible, but to keep yourself alive. To do this you need skill and patience. Dying is penalized as you lose gold and experience, and your teammates will take significant damage while they wait for you. If you have to choose between a kill and staying alive, it's always best to choose stay alive.

Play League of Legends Step 20

Step 10. View your results

When the game is over you will see the results table. Here you can view each player's kills/deaths/assists during the game, as well as the items they've bought and the amount of minions they've killed. Also, if you look at the header of the results table, you will see the amount of XP (or experience) that your account has gained, and the amount of IP ('influence points') that your account has gained. Also, the more XP you gain, the greater the number of levels your 'summoner account' will increase, giving you points to distribute among your 'masteries' (which can give you extra help during sessions) and more 'rune pages' (which are actually the same as 'masteries'). XP also gives you more options for summoner spells.


  • Follow the Summoner's Code! If you follow the code you have a better chance of winning sessions, and your fellow Summoners will also find you a better teammate, who can work well in a team, cooperate very well and WILL do you credit!
  • Do not attack enemy Champions while they are in their turrets or the turret will attack you and kill you EXTREMELY fast. Only attack them if you are sure you will kill them and survive. If there are no Champions near the turret, you must wait for your Minions to be attacked by them and use them to distract the turret as you attempt to destroy it. Another thing you can do is destroy the oncoming wave of enemy minions, after which your minions will focus on the gun turret, dealing more damage than you can deal. Just be prepared for an ambush!
  • Throwing yourself into a group of Champions is the worst thing you can do, even if you're a Tank. As a melee combatant, for now, it's best to avoid the pros and stick to 1v1.
  • Don't try to get kills early in the game. Stick with "minions" for a while.
  • Keep an eye on the enemy champions. If you see someone missing in a lane, they may be preparing a gank (helping a teammate kill an enemy champion). Pass it on to your teammates.
  • Don't 'Jungle' until you know the game, the jungle monsters and your champions a little better. "Jungling" will also be difficult at the lower levels, without the proper masteries.
  • Build up your masteries and Runes based on which Champion and Summoner spells you'll be using most often.
  • Do not buy Runes until you reach level 20, after which you can buy Tier 3 runes. They don't make much difference at the lower levels.
  • If you ever drop below 50% life, run out of pots, and don't have Heal (or it's recharging), hide and quickly teleport back to Spawning Pool.
  • Never, I repeat, NEVER go desperate for a kill. This will drive you crazy and cause you to suffer twice as much from dying. Even though the fan forum is full of 'kill' thieves, the beginners are spared as much as possible. They have all been beginners themselves.


  • Never chase an enemy Champion up to a turret or an Inhibitor, as the Turret will give you a blow strong enough to weaken you, after which the enemy Champion will likely finish you off. But hey, you can always use this technique if you want!
  • AD Carriers like Ashe or Miss Fortune are too strong for most beginners. Miss Fortune should be avoided at all costs, as her Bullet Time can tear you to pieces in seconds.
  • If you are someone who cannot take criticism this is not the right game for you. The hard truth is a standard part of these types of games.
  • If you don't follow the Summoner's Code you will likely lose the battle and it will be reported by your teammates, which could get you banned from the community for a long time, or forever!
  • Never yell at people who criticize you or call you stupid. If you do this, your account may be blocked in the future.

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