Getting the Sapphire in Fire Red (with Pictures)

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Getting the Sapphire in Fire Red (with Pictures)
Getting the Sapphire in Fire Red (with Pictures)

In Pokémon Fire Red, you'll need to get the Ruby and the Sapphire to connect to Pokémon Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald. It's not that hard to get hold of the Ruby, but tracking down the Sapphire involves going on a wild quest through some of the Sevii Islands. If you have both gems, you will be able to transfer your Hoenn Pokémon to Fire Red.


Part 1 of 2: Getting the Ruby

Get the Sapphire in Fire Red Step 1

Step 1. Defeat the Elite Four

You'll need to get around the main storyline by defeating the Elite Four to get the Ruby and the Sapphire so you can connect with Hoenn. For this you need all the Gym Badges and a strong Pokémon team (at least level 60 or higher). Read this guide for tips on beating the Elite Four.

Get the Sapphire in Fire Red Step 2

Step 2. Complete the National Pokedex

Another requirement that you will have to meet before you start looking for the Ruby and the Sapphire is to obtain the National Pokedex. This means that you must have 60 different types of Pokémon in your Pokedex. Once you've seen 60 different types of Pokémon, you'll need to talk to Professor Oak to get the National Pokedex.

Get the Sapphire in Fire Red Step 3

Step 3. From Vermillion, take the ferry to One (Knot) Island

To get the Sapphire you will first need to find the Ruby. At the Cinnabar Island Pokémon Center, talk to Bill about visiting the Sevii Islands if you haven't visited them before. Then take the ferry from Vermillion to One Island.

Get the Sapphire in Fire Red Step 4

Step 4. Talk to Celio to learn more about the Ruby

Find Celio in the Pokémon Center and talk to him about his machine. He will tell you that he needs the Ruby and will give you a pass to the first three islands (if you haven't already got it from him).

If you haven't brought the Meteorite to Two Island yet, you'll need to complete that quest first

Get the Sapphire in Fire Red Step 5

Step 5. Climb to Mt

ember. You will find the Ruby at Mt Ember, located on the same island. Make sure you have a Pokémon that knows Strength and a Pokémon that knows Rock Smash.

Get the Sapphire in Fire Red Step 6

Step 6. Learn the first Rocket Password

You will overhear a conversation between two members of Team Rocket as they talk about bringing treasure to the Rocket Warehouse. You will discover that a password is required to get in, and the Rocket Members will accidentally reveal the first password "Goldeen need log". Enter the cave after they leave.

Get the Sapphire in Fire Red Step 7

Step 7. Follow the Ruby Path

Go to B5F, at the bottom of the cave, to find the Ruby. The way down is in the southwest corner of B3F. The Ruby is in the center of the room on B5F.

Get the Sapphire in Fire Red Step 8

Step 8. Take the Ruby and bring it to Celio

Go through the exit on B3F to return to Celio via a shorter route. He will tell you that he needs another gem to make the machine work, and will give you an access pass that will allow you to visit all the islands.

Part 2 of 2: Finding the Sapphire

Get the Sapphire in Fire Red Step 9

Step #1. Go to Four (Floe) Island

During your quest to find the Sapphire you will have to visit Four Island. Here you will be informed of the location of the Rocket Warehouse. When you approach Four Island you will see your rival standing on the beach as he defies you.

Get the Sapphire in Fire Red Step 10

Step 2. Go through Icefall Cave

The entrance to this cave is in the northeast corner of the island. To get to the island you will first need to use Rock Smash. As you enter Icefall Cave, pay attention to the ice crusts on the floor. If you step on such a crust twice, you will fall through the floor to the level below.

  • Fall through the ice on the north side of the cave's first level on purpose.
  • Climb back up the ladder, then purposefully fall through the ice crust in the eastern portion of the new room.
  • Slide down the ice and climb up the ladder. After climbing the ladder you must fall through the southern ice crust.
  • Skate up, then right, then left and then fall through the ice again. Get the "Waterfall" skill and teach it to one of your Pokémon.
  • In the previous cave, go up the waterfall using your new skill, then climb down the ladder to meet Lorelai.
Get the Sapphire in Fire Red Step 11

Step 3. Help Lorelai defeat the Rocket Grunts

If you fight the Rocket Grunts together with Lorelai you will discover that the Rocket Warehouse is located on Five Island. Unfortunately, you still only know one password.

Get the Sapphire in Fire Red Step 12

Step 4. Visit Six (Fortune) Island and locate Dotted Hole

You can find the entrance to Dotted Hole in Ruin Valley, on the south side of the island. To enter Dotted Hole you will need to use Cut at the door.

Get the Sapphire in Fire Red Step 13

Step 5. Solve the Dotted Hole maze

The Braille characters in Dotted Hole will show you where to go. You can also simply read the answer to this here. Drop through the hole when you first enter Dotted Hole.

  • The signs will indicate the direction you should walk.
  • To solve the maze: go Up → Left → Right → Down.
Get the Sapphire in Fire Red Step 14

Step 6. Try to grab the Sapphire and learn the second Rocket Password through it

After you have solved the maze you will find the Sapphire in the middle of the room. However, if you try to get it, Team Rocket will burst in and steal it from you. In the commotion you will learn the second password for Rocket Warehouse: Learn the second Rocket Password

Get the Sapphire in Fire Red Step 15

Step 7. Travel to Five (Chrono) Island

This is the location of Rocket Warehouse, and now that you know both passwords you can enter and take back your Sapphire.

Get the Sapphire in Fire Red Step 16

Step 8. Enter Rocket Warehouse

Rocket Warehouse is close to the village and you will have to go through the conveyor belt maze to get in. The maze is actually quite simple, and it's worth going through all the routes to collect the items and fight the trainers.

Get the Sapphire in Fire Red Step 17

Step 9. Take Gideon the Sapphire

After making your way past Team Rocket Admins, you will finally be able to fight Gideon. After you defeat his five Pokémon, he will give you the Sapphire, which can take you to Celio on One Island. Once you've done this, you can exchange Pokémon with Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald.

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