Create a cool email address

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Create a cool email address
Create a cool email address

You may need to create your first email account and want the name to be as cool as possible. Maybe you're tired of your current email address and want something more exciting. Everyone has a different definition of "cool," so you need to decide what you want your email address to say about you.


Method 1 of 3: Brainstorming

Create a Cool Email Address Step 1

Step 1. Think about the different types of cool email addresses

Some email addresses are cool because they look crazy and unique. Others are cool because they are simple, stylish and professional. And then there are also those that represent your interests in an attractive and original way. You need to decide what you want your email address to say about you.

  • A crazy email address can be made up of meaningless words or something you're interested in. That could be '[email protected]' or '[email protected]' or '[email protected]'.
  • A personal address can be based on your deepest passions or values. For example: '[email protected]' or '[email protected]'. The goal is to make people smile and show them what makes you unique.
  • A more professional address uses your name or company in an interesting way. If your name is Jan de Jager, you can use '[email protected]'. If your name is Katherine, you can use '[email protected]'. Keep in mind that a professional email address should include your name and the name of your business and it shouldn't be as wild as your personal email.
Create a Cool Email Address Step 2

Step 2. Base your email address name on your interests

Think about what your interests are (and what you want other people to know about you) and try to put those things in your email address. For example, if you play guitar, you could use the word "guitar" in your address. If you like strawberries, you can be 'strawberry girl'.

  • Think of a word that sounds interesting when you put it before or after your interest, then combine the two to create your email address. For example, you can express your love for guitar in your email address by using 'gitaardude97' or 'guitarjams'.
  • Note that you can change interests. Pick something you think you'll be interested in for a long time - not just for a week.
Create a Cool Email Address Step 3

Step 3. Decide if you want to use your name

That could be your initials, your last name, your first name, your middle name, even your full name. Since you want to be cool, try pairing it with something that describes you - like your interests.

Method 2 of 3: Make it spicy

Create a Cool Email Address Step 4

Step 1. Combine two words into one word

For example, 'Crocodile' and 'Rocket' can be merged into 'MirnaKroket'. Match words that have the same beginning syllables with words that have the same ending syllables. Another good method is to take a word you like, such as "laser" or "turbo" and then make it into another word, such as "laser rock" or "turbo candy." The word you create doesn't have to have meaning.

You can capitalize the first letter of each word instead of an underscore to separate the two words. 'Laser Rock' or 'Turbo Candy'

Create a Cool Email Address Step 5

Step 2. Do not create a generic or meaningless address

Avoid abstract numbers or birth years, as these are very common and will make your address less original. Again, though, you may want to consider using generic style elements if you plan on eventually using this email address for business purposes.

Create a Cool Email Address Step 6

Step 3. Add dots or numbers to spice up your name

If you find something you value, but it's already in use, add a period or number to it. These may or may not have meaning, that's up to you. For example:

Create a Cool Email Address Step 7

Step 4. Spell words wrong on purpose

This is a good way to make your email address even more unique and it still allows you to use your idea in case someone else already has the address. Make sure the misspelled words still look or sound like the correct word; otherwise it may be unrecognizable, even if it is not correct. Replace the S with a Z or a 'ks' with an 'x'.

Method 3 of 3: Create the account

Create a Cool Email Address Step 8

Step 1. Ask someone to help you

Ask someone you know well or someone you think is good at naming things. This can be a friend or a family member. If you don't like their answers, don't worry about it and try to come up with something on your own.

Consider using a username generator if you don't know anyone who can help you. Search online for "username generator" and you might find something good

Create a Cool Email Address Step 9

Step 2. Choose a domain host

The domain of an email address is the part. Any standard email domain is fine, although some domains (like AOL or Hotmail) seem a bit old-fashioned. Some websites also let you choose your own domain; if you choose to do that, avoid a long domain, as people don't want to type in a long address. Domains like "" or "" are short, popular, and easy to remember.

Create a Cool Email Address Step 10

Step 3. Sign up for an email account

When you're ready, go to an email provider, click 'create an account' and create your own cool email address. Enter the email address you made up in the field for 'username' or 'login name'.


  • Add a number to the end of the name. If someone is already using your email address, add your favorite number to make it unique. This number can be your birthday, your age, the current year, or just a number you like.
  • Make sure to tell all your friends about your new email address. You don't want them to continue using your old address.
  • Create an email address that is easy to remember. You don't want to forget it and you don't want anyone else to forget it either!


  • Don't make your email address too personal. You may end up having to give your email to a website or person you don't know well, so don't use your email address, a password you often use online, your Social Security number, or anything else you don't want to fall into the wrong hands.
  • Potential employers look down on applicants who have crazy email addresses. Consider creating a default email address for business communications.
  • Avoid using too much nonsense in your email address. This is looked down upon for two reasons: people tend to forget your address quickly, and if you email someone who doesn't already know your email address, they won't know who you are.

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