Becoming More Spiritual: 13 Steps (with Pictures)

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Becoming More Spiritual: 13 Steps (with Pictures)
Becoming More Spiritual: 13 Steps (with Pictures)

Do you sometimes have the feeling that you have lost yourself a bit, or that you are actually not yourself at all? Maybe you just want to grow as a person, or become who you really are. Here you can read tips that can help you with that. Keep in mind that these tips, even if labeled as "spiritual," can be applied by anyone, even if you don't consider yourself spiritual. You can choose which tips you want to apply in your life. The more you apply, the more 'spiritual' you may become. Have a look at the bottom of the article Tips and Spiritual criteria.


Mentally Escape from Reality Step 6

Step 1. Go somewhere where there is no sound and sit down

If you can't find a place that is completely quiet, go somewhere where the sounds you hear are at least still pleasant, and sit down. You may want to bring a notebook or journal with you.

Get Rid of Stress Balls on Your Neck Step 9

Step 2. Start meditating; you can also take a yoga pose if you feel comfortable doing so

Overcome Autophobia (Fear of Being Alone) Step 13

Step 3. Clear your mind of all your thoughts

After you've cleared your mind, see what thoughts come to your mind, or, if you have a particular topic in mind that you want to think about, focus on that topic. But avoid topics that don't get you any further, that arouse your anger, and for which you have no solution. Instead, focus on topics that you are sure will give you and experience new insights and growth. Another option is to look at your life, or your deeper self, and think about what's going on right now. You can also focus on certain images or thoughts, as long as they help you to keep your focus on your life and yourself. If you feel like it, you can write in a journal or start drawing.

Be Independent and Unafraid Step 2

Step 4. Ask yourself why you are in a certain mood, or why you feel so empty

"Why is that good or bad?" "How come?" "How can I fix it?" After you go inside yourself, you can start looking at your position in relation to the people around you. That can be superior, equal or inferior, but don't let that qualification determine whether that is good or bad. Examine each situation and relationship individually, and decide whether it would be better to change or be more flexible.

Pamper Yourself During Pregnancy Step 3

Step 5. Research the indigenous religious and spiritual beliefs of the people who lived in your country in the past -- search the Internet and the library for more information about such ancient religions, so you can get in touch with alternative spiritual ideas

You may be able to learn a lot about your family history through the roots of your ancestors.

Stop Being Unlucky Step 1

Step 6. Make a list of the goals you have in your life and celebrate when you achieve them

Make a step-by-step plan for your goals. Say a prayer. Sing a song. Take some time off and do things you enjoy.

Stop Being Too Hard on Yourself Step 4

Step 7. Make a plan for the coming period

Think about what activities you've done or what deeds you've done recently that gave you a sense of accomplishment. Was it reading books, reading scripture, walking, meditating, helping people in need, doing yoga…? Make a schedule for the next few days and weeks, including activities that give you satisfaction. Conclude the schedule with a prayer or resolution. You can possibly share this with others.

Tolerate Working With Obnoxious People Step 8

Step 8. Before going to bed each day, ask yourself what you have done to really be yourself, or to be healthy, or to be in touch with your feelings

Don't just think about the physical (although that's important too); your soul is also important to you. Think not only about your own concerns, but also those of the people around you.

Deal With a Depressed Person Step 4

Step 9. Additional spiritual goals may include:

making yourself more vulnerable (many spiritual leaders also possessed this ability). Growing in acumen or wisdom (spiritual teachers also possessed these qualities). Examine other beliefs. Develop an open attitude in life so that you eventually form your own opinion. This means exploring other ideas and points of view in more detail so that you develop your own opinion on them. Be selfless and allow others to be too.

Avoid Sleeping and Yawning During the Day Step 4

Step 10. Keep reading or writing in your journal

You can also do this on scrap paper. Literate people have many opportunities -- and responsibilities -- the rest of the world has to do without reading and writing; so take advantage of this. Talk to people who have experience in things you want to know more about, or who have gone through things you're in right now. Talk about spiritual topics, customs, or inspirational words with someone who needs it. After all, teachers are always students.

Improve Your Imagination Step 12

Step 11. Look for a spiritual group in your area

Go with a friend. The group can be small or large, it doesn't matter. Have some questions ready to ask at the right time.

Have a Big Imagination Step 12

Step 12. Practice your hobbies - do the things you enjoy most

Try to avoid what you don't like to do. Look at the world as the platform where you can showcase your talent, always looking for the advice and guidance of older people. Try to enjoy every moment of life.

Feel Connected Step 10

Step 13. Practice detachment

Try giving things like the clothes you no longer need or wear to people who can actually use them. You are guaranteed to feel much lighter after this experience, making yourself more free and able to follow your life path even better.

Spiritual criteria

Below are some possible spiritual criteria and tests that can help you assess your adaptability so that you can test how "spiritually" you deal with the various opportunities/challenges/events in your life. Can your spirituality…

  • …remain constant after various rational lines of thought?
  • …you are happy / full of satisfaction in 'heaven'?
  • …help you live well with a romantic partner and a family?
  • …help you live without a romantic partner and a family?
  • …take care of your basic necessities such as food, drink and a house?
  • …taking care of a small child who is alone and dying in a third world country far away? (Such children exist. You can check for yourself online.)
  • …taking care of the needs of those around you?
  • …pay attention to the needs of society in general?
  • …change the lives of criminals or people who abuse others? (Whether you really want that is another story.)
  • …improve the lives of people you value deeply?
  • …help you get to know your fears and face them?
  • …lead to a better way of dealing with power, prosperity and success?
  • …help you increase your understanding of various virtues such as responsibility, enthusiasm, honesty, integrity, respect, etc.?
  • …make sure you're doing the right thing and doing good things, even if you don't really feel like it?
  • …respond appropriately, turn into a conversation, or grow with satisfaction during conversations with the more 'spiritual' people, or with the diverse leaders in the community where you live / via the internet?
  • …help you to respond appropriately in conversations with others who do not agree with you, to change or to grow personally?
  • …motivate you to stand up for your friends?


  • Remember: a healthy soul and mind will help you have a healthier body.
  • While you are writing or thinking in your journal, you can think about the reasons why people want to become more spiritual. A few questions to start with: Do you ever wonder if there is such a thing as a "spiritual" life at all? How can you find out or observe that? Whether you doubt it or not, what do you actually want to achieve with it? Or do you simply want to broaden your horizons? Are you trying to give direction to your life? Do you want to understand someone better or grow in a relationship? Are you looking for fulfillment in your life? Have you been hurt by someone or by an event? Do you feel empowered or encouraged by someone or by an event? Do you want to achieve more in your life? Do you want to experience inner peace instead of a busy life? Or are you trying to achieve Nirvana? On the other hand, you may want to take life as it comes (rather than run from it), and then you may be looking for more energy and direction to handle everyday needs and challenges. All of these reasons, or a few or maybe one, can apply to you. Try to ask yourself a new question every time you go out.
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