Having an out-of-body experience

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Having an out-of-body experience
Having an out-of-body experience

Do you want to float around the astral plane? Do you long to be able to leave your body for a few hours to explore the cosmos? People say they have experienced an out-of-body experience (OBE or BLE) while dreaming, during a near-death experience, or through relaxation exercises such as meditation. For some people, having an OBE can mean feeling like Alice in your own Wonderland. Read on to learn how you can consciously experience this too.


Have an Out of Body Experience Step 1

Step 1. Prepare your body and mind for the journey

Choose a quiet place where you will not be disturbed and where you can relax. This can be inside or outside as long as you are comfortable. Make sure you won't be disturbed. OBEs occur most often in the morning, around 4:00 am-6:00 am, but you can also try this at night or when you are so tired that you need to fall asleep.

Have an Out of Body Experience Step 2

Step 2. Find a position in which you lie or sit comfortably

Many people choose to lie down, but be warned that there is a chance that you will suffer from unpleasant appearances or whatever you are afraid of. This may sound terrifying, but the more you realize that they can't harm you and that they are just creations of your own fantasy, the less scary it is to experience.

Have an Out of Body Experience Step 3

Step 3. Tell yourself you are going to experience an OBE

Tell yourself "The mind stays awake - the body is asleep" or "I'm going to have a lucid dream." Repeat this several times until it is the only thought on your mind.

Have an Out of Body Experience Step 4

Step 4. Close your eyes and relax

You become less aware of your surroundings. Clear your mind of thoughts and ideas. Meditation techniques can help at this stage to clear the mind, and still be aware and focused.

Have an Out of Body Experience Step 5

Step 5. Allow yourself to almost fall asleep

Actually going to sleep is not the intention. Instead, let yourself drift close to the sleep state, while continuing to focus on being aware of what you are feeling and your mental state.

Method 1 of 4: Directing your vibrations

Have an Out of Body Experience Step 6

Step 1. At some point you feel a vibration in your body

As you continue to relax, you become more and more aware of what is happening in your body and mind than what is happening in the room and around you. Try to feel the vibrations of your body, which arise from the pulsation of your blood in your veins and your breathing, to the individual movements of your body cells. You may feel like hearing sounds like a tornado or the wind. The tendency to move becomes very strong at this stage, especially if it is the first time you experience this. Just try to relax even more, deeper and deeper, until the sound fades again, but try not to fall asleep.

Have an Out of Body Experience Step 7

Step 2. Try slowing down the vibrations

Visualize the movement in your body slowing down, the sounds, and the fading of both sensations. Soon everything will have become completely silent and your body will have completely relaxed.

Have an Out of Body Experience Step 8

Step 3. Let your body completely relax, like a state of paralysis

Some think it looks like a lead duvet covering you. You can sometimes perceive that it is as if you can no longer move your arms and legs. Don't worry, you don't have to panic! If you try to force yourself to move again, you will just wake up. What you can do is move your eyes, mouth, nose and face, so move them a little if you want.

Method 2 of 4: Leaving your body through a rope

Have an Out of Body Experience Step 9

Step 1. Feel your hands grab an invisible rope

Don't actually move your hands or try to visualize the rope. The "rope method" is mainly about the imaginary "feeling" of the rope, not a mental picture. Focus on the structure, thickness and weight of the rope. Feel the tension in your arms from the weight of your body hanging from the rope.

If you find it difficult to use the rope technique, try imagining a ladder. Some people find this easier, especially if they are more used to climbing ladders than hanging from a rope

Have an Out of Body Experience Step 10

Step 2. Use the rope to lift yourself up and start climbing

Feel your muscles contract and your body move upward as you pull up. Don't visualize this: just imagine doing this in complete darkness. Keep moving up. At some point you notice that you have stepped outside of your body, causing the "projection reflex".

  • If you find your body vibrating as you climb, try to relax a little more, otherwise it will cost you more energy and make the process a lot more difficult.
  • If you find this difficult, try climbing up as you inhale and rest as you exhale.
  • The rope method is a more practical variation on the well-known image of floating up from your body. While the latter is nice for the movie, it's not as effective when you actually try to apply it.
Have an Out of Body Experience Step 11

Step 3. Open your astral eyes

Once you know you've stepped out of your body, open your eyes. You should now look at the room you are in from a different point of view than lying down, and see your own body lying on the bed or in the chair, with your eyes closed.

If you like, try opening your third eye first, low in the center of your forehead

Method 3 of 4: Leaving your body by choosing a different point of view

Have an Out of Body Experience Step 12

Step 1. Visualize every detail of the space around you

Before you lie down, make sure you take a good look around you. Now try to visualize the room and feel the shape and structure of each object in the room, as it looks from your current position.

Have an Out of Body Experience Step 13

Step 2. Next, visualize the space around you from a different perspective, another point in the room

Once you have the image of the room clear in your mind's eye, shift that perspective as if you were standing next to or above your body. In a way, it should already feel like you've stepped out of your body.

Have an Out of Body Experience Step 14

Step 3. Stand up from your body to the spot from which you are visualizing the room

Stay completely relaxed, but determined to get to that point. Feel yourself getting up and moving in that direction, and visualize the shifting of your perspective. Then open your astral eyes.

Method 4 of 4: Leaving your body from interrupted sleep

Have an Out of Body Experience Step 15

Step 1. Set an alarm for about the middle of your sleep cycle

Have an Out of Body Experience Step 16

Step 2. When the alarm goes off, turn it off and lie back and relax

You can also do this in a comfortable chair

Have an Out of Body Experience Step 17

Step 3. Try to feel the sensation of falling just before you 'fall' asleep and then mentally pull yourself back into a waking state

Try to feel like you're falling into the mattress just before you fall asleep, then pull yourself back up until you're almost awake.

Have an Out of Body Experience Step 18

Step 4. Repeat as you try to get close to sleep and then again close to waking

Ultimately, when you try to awaken yourself again, you actually pull your astral self out of your body.


  • Don't move. If you do, it won't work. Any urge you feel to move is a question from your body whether your brain is falling asleep; if you ignore the body, it will think the brain is asleep and fall asleep itself. This is crucial.
  • Always keep calm! If you are too tense, you will shoot back into the physical world. When you feel like you're getting tense, focus on one point, such as your hands or the wall.
  • Be patient because it won't just happen.
  • Some people find that sleeping on their backs leads to lucid dreams and OBEs when they fall asleep.
  • Why you shouldn't just try to break free during the vibrations is because doing so will waste precious energy, making your experience blurry and short-lived. Relaxing until the vibrations are over means you can loosen up without too much effort.
  • Another way is to focus on a spot on the ceiling and imagine the point sliding across the ceiling, down the wall to the floor, until it reaches the spot where you are lying. As a result, your astral body will have to turn around in your physical body, until it loosens and starts to float.
  • If you get lost in the astral plane, just wait, for your body cannot ignore its natural needs. When you get hungry, you will be pulled out of your astral body into your physical body, and you will wake up again.
  • Try wearing a blindfold.


  • Looking at your own body can be shocking, even if you expect it, and immediately bring you back into your own body. Be prepared for that.
  • Some people are convinced that the astral plane is inhabited by other spirits, sometimes even demons and angels, that you may encounter on your journey. If you believe in such things and think that they will appear in your dream, then it probably will. If your mind is full of negative thoughts then you may encounter a dangerous or annoying entity in the astral plane. If this happens, ignore it and tell it clearly to leave you alone, or return to your body.
  • Remember, only you can turn this experience into a nightmare. Never try to have an OBE when you are in a bad mood. Avoid negative thoughts.

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