Find out if someone's zodiac sign suits you

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Find out if someone's zodiac sign suits you
Find out if someone's zodiac sign suits you

Have you ever wondered how compatible your personality is with that of your lover or partner? Ancient astrologers believed that there is a simple way to measure the probability of a possible love affair: by referring to each partner's zodiac signs. Your zodiac sign can be an unexpectedly good predictor of your behavior and preferences, and by analyzing the compatibility of the different zodiac signs, you can figure out how much that special someone is right for you.


Method 1 of 3: Recognizing compatibility between different characters

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Step 1. Familiarize yourself with the different signs of the zodiac

In order to understand how to tell if someone is right for you, you must first gain an understanding of the zodiac signs and what they mean. The twelve signs are: Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces. Each sign is derived from a configuration of celestial bodies thought to characterize the people born during the period when these stars were prominent in the sky.

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Step 2. Learn the classifications of each character according to the elements

In addition to the shape of the constellation, each sign is assigned an elementary meaning, taking into account one or more features of the forces of nature. The classifications are as follows: Fire (Leo, Aries, Sagittarius), Air (Aquarius, Gemini, Libra), Water (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces) and Earth (Capricorn, Taurus, Virgo). The element of a sign is derived from the role of its physical form in the natural order.

Element classifications are a kind of rough grouping of traits: Fire signs tend to be curious, passionate, optimistic, while Water signs are loyal, sympathetic, and driven; Earth signs are known for their rationality, practicality and stability, and Air signs are friendly, sociable and make loving connections

Check Zodiac Sign Compatibility Step 3

Step 3. Check the compatibility between characters

As a general rule, constellations that fall under the domain of Fire are believed to be the best match for Air, while Water and Earth are the best match due to their respective qualities. There are also forms of compatibility that fall outside the usual elemental similarities. These usually have to do with the complementary traits, preferences, and emotional behavior of the different signs.

  • Pisces and Capricorn, Sagittarius and Aquarius are examples of strong compatibility based on the zodiac and even Virgo and Virgo - people within a particular zodiac sign are often a good match.
  • Make a note of the signs that match your own sign and keep them in mind when dating.
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Step 4. Know which signs don't match well

There are no zodiac signs completely unsuitable for each other - there are only varying levels of compatibility, the highest of which are expressed through the traditional pairings according to the elements. However, the probability that two characters from different element groups have the properties to form a strong, long-lasting relationship is less.

  • Incompatibility is usually caused by opposing qualities that cause disagreements and make communication more difficult.
  • Sometimes a certain characteristic of one character may be a bit too much for the others, even if these characters should theoretically fit together. Astrological compatibility will have to be tested in real life, using the symbolism of the zodiac signs as guidelines.

Method 2 of 3: Make use of online astrology resources

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Step 1. Visit a credible astrology website

There are hundreds of astrology websites out there, and most of them contain the same basic information. You will have access to information about the constellations and their meanings, ideal interpersonal compatibility, classical texts and more technical information about the interactions of celestial bodies.

Be wary of websites that try to sell you something or get you to subscribe to something. The owners of these sites usually offer 'special' products that contain the same information as the freely available resources

Check Zodiac Sign Compatibility Step 6

Step 2. Learn about each sign

Most astrology websites have a long description of the general characteristics of each sign of the zodiac. Find your own sign and read about it, as well as that of a possible loved one. Think about what is true in each summary and what is not applicable. Studying the zodiac can give you more insight into tendencies that you don't necessarily recognize in yourself, or help confirm what you already knew.

There is a wealth of information about how astrological conditions affect your personality. Read all you can about how your sign and your crush's react to different situations to get a good understanding of how a relationship between the two of you would go

Check Zodiac Sign Compatibility Step 7

Step 3. Do a compatibility test

Search online for a compatibility test and complete it. To make things easier, most online astrology resources offer simple compatibility tests where all you have to do is fill out a short form or press a few buttons to generate the ideal sign. Enter your date of birth and time of birth in one of these forms to find your own astrological sign and get a list of other signs you're probably most compatible with.

Online compatibility tests quickly combine the relevant data you've provided to give you an overview of which zodiac personality types are the best match for you

Check Zodiac Sign Compatibility Step 8

Step 4. Understand the strengths and weaknesses of relationships

Celestial bodies don't directly affect a person's character, of course, but something the zodiac signs are useful for is indicating which personality types do and do not match. Pay particular attention to articles and descriptions of how the signs relate to each other in relationships, and keep these considerations in mind when dating someone of a different zodiac sign.

Zodiac signs only give you an idea of ​​what to expect from someone - they shouldn't be a deciding factor in whether or not you'll get into a relationship with someone, or affect the relationship itself

Method 3 of 3: Consult an astrologer

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Step 1. Make an appointment with a professional astrologer

Do a quick web search or look in the phone book to find out if there is an astrology expert in the area. Astrologers are certified in their knowledge of the interpretation of the stars and qualified to advise you on the zodiac, relationship compatibility and other issues of health and wealth.

Not all professional astrologers have their own business. Some work from home or do astrological assessments as part of holistic therapy. Your best bet is to search the Internet for a licensed astrologer near you

Check Zodiac Sign Compatibility Step 10

Step 2. Give the astrologer your zodiac data

The astrologer you consult will need your date and time of birth, as well as a few other things about yourself. This will likely take the form of a short, casual conversation, as the astrologer wants to make sure you don't mind talking about yourself and your personal affairs before giving any advice.

Check Zodiac Sign Compatibility Step 11

Step 3. Listen to the explanation of the characteristics of your sign

The astrologer will be able to offer you insight into your own personality based on the characteristics that people born under your zodiac sign often display. The conversation will also include the optimal love relationships, tips for keeping track of your business and financial affairs, and warnings about avoiding the pitfalls in your personal life. Listen carefully as these things are explained and consider how they apply to your own life.

Getting the details of your zodiac sign explained to you by a professional can tell you a lot about yourself that you hadn't realized on your own

Check Zodiac Sign Compatibility Step 12

Step 4. Have your relationship mapped

Another service that a professional astrologer can provide is relationship charting. If you know the zodiac sign and date of birth of your loved one or the person you are currently dating, the astrologer can create a compatibility chart that looks at factors such as star alignment and how well your elements naturally complement each other, and a prognosis. offer the chance that the relationship will succeed. By heeding the wisdom of an astrologer, you can learn more about emotional issues.

  • Talk to your astrologer about what traits you and your potential partner have in common, and how you differ from each other. Having this knowledge in advance can help you unleash each other's passions and prepare to resolve unexpected disagreements later in the relationship.
  • When two signs seem particularly incompatible, a good astrologer will also consult the moon signs and the alignments of Venus and Mars to advise you on ways to cultivate a fruitful relationship where it seems impossible at first.
Check Zodiac Sign Compatibility Step 13

Step 5. Ask any questions

One of the benefits of a face-to-face meeting with an astrologer is that you can ask questions and get immediate answers. Think about any questions you might have regarding your zodiac sign, relationships, or the best way to balance your innate temperament. Rather than cryptic mysticism, modern astrology should function as a kind of in-depth personality assessment, drawing on thousands of years of social analysis.

In addition to general criteria regarding relationship compatibility, you can ask the astrologer questions about which qualities in particular you should look for in a lover, in addition to your own characteristics. Even within the correct element groups, there are stronger and weaker combinations


  • If you are an astrologer, check your daily horoscope for tips and warnings on how someone with your sign should handle personal matters.
  • If your and your potential partner's sun signs (your regular zodiac sign) are less than compatible, find out what your moon sign is and ask your partner what theirs is. Sometimes people with the same moon sign can actually form a solid relationship, even though they don't seem to be compatible in principle.
  • Remember that zodiac signs are supposed to be useful for describing and predicting a person's personality; they don't define it. Not giving someone a chance because they don't have a complementary sign (or have too high expectations of those who do have the right sign) is a good way to sabotage a relationship before it even starts.
  • Don't overemphasize someone's zodiac sign as an indicator of what that person will be like. They will probably surprise you; Considering it's not a science, there are many reasons why a zodiac sign may not match a personality.

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