Make your own egg oil at home: 8 steps (with pictures)

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Make your own egg oil at home: 8 steps (with pictures)
Make your own egg oil at home: 8 steps (with pictures)

You can make egg oil (Urdu: Roghan Baiza Murgh, INCI name: Ovum Oil) yourself at home to care for your hair and skin. Egg oil helps to fight acne, hair loss, gray hair and signs of aging. It is safer to use than egg yolks, because they can be contaminated with the salmonella bacteria and cause serious inflammation.


6 chicken eggs


Make Egg Oil at Home Step 1

Step 1. Make hard-boiled eggs by boiling 6 eggs for 15-20 minutes

Let the eggs cool, peel and cut them in half.

Make Egg Oil at Home Step 2

Step 2. Separate the yolks (the yolk) from the whites (albumen) using a spoon

You can use the egg whites in cooking instead of throwing them away.

Make Egg Oil at Home Step 3

Step 3. Mash the yolks in a shallow frying pan

Try to chop them as finely as possible.

Make Egg Oil at Home Step 4

Step 4. Heat the yolks over low heat

Keep cooking them until the entire puree turns a dark color and starts to smoke and stink. Stir and puree the yolks occasionally.

Make Egg Oil at Home Step 5

Step 5. Continue to cook the yolks

Continue to heat the yolks until the proteins are burnt and black and oil runs out. It will take a long time for this to happen. At this stage you will see a lot of smelly smoke.

Make Egg Oil at Home Step 6

Step 6. Let the yolks cool

Let the pan cool to room temperature.

Make Egg Oil at Home Step 7

Step 7. Filter the oil

Squeeze the oil from the yolks and filter the oil through a fine cloth or sieve. Store the oil in a clean, dry glass or ceramic (not metal or plastic) bottle. Use a nylon or synthetic cloth, as cotton absorbs a lot of oil that you can't use. If you see solid particles in the oil, filter the oil again to make sure you only have clear transparent oil. Do not expose the oil to water and do not put anything in the bottle to make the oil last longer. You can keep the oil in the refrigerator for three years and at room temperature for one year. If you are careful, the oil will remain sterile for up to 5 years.

Make Egg Oil at Home Step 8

Step 8. Use the oil

Use the oil once a week for a scalp massage to treat hair loss, dandruff and graying hair or fight acne. Always use a clean, dry spoon to avoid contaminating the oil with moisture.

  • You can also apply the oil to minor burns, cuts, and other wounds.

    Make Egg Oil at Home Step 8Bullet1


  • You can also buy egg oil on the market and on the internet.
  • Make sure the bottle is clean and dry, that the cap or cork is on properly and that you put the bottle in a dark place so that the oil stays well.
  • Be sure to open all windows when making egg oil. You will usually see a lot of smoke and it will be very smelly.
  • With 50 eggs you get about 150 ml of oil.


  • Let the pan cool completely before trying to squeeze the oil from the yolks.
  • You will likely encounter a lot of smoke and stench when you make egg oil. If possible, do this outside or in a well-ventilated area.

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