Always smell good

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Always smell good
Always smell good

Whether you're giving a friend a hug or getting a little closer to your sweetheart on the couch, you shouldn't worry about how you smell under any circumstances. Smelling good gives your confidence a boost and can even make you more attractive. Start with taking good care of yourself and wearing freshly laundered clothes. Then you can put on a scent of your preference that will make people wonder how it is possible that you smell so good. Read on to Step 1 to learn how to make people turn around, delighted by your dazzlingly delicious perfume.


Method 1 of 3: Staying fresh

Smell Good All the Time Step 1

Step 1. Wash yourself

If you want to smell your best, it starts with cleaning yourself. How often you wash, shower, or bathe depends on your body's personal chemistry, your daily activities, and the weather. Most people wash once a day, but if you play sports or live in an area where it's very hot, you'll probably want to take a bath more often. If your skin is very dry, then every other day may be enough. But no matter what, make sure you bathe often enough so that you don't have an obvious body odor that other people notice.

  • In the shower, wash your skin with warm, soapy water to make sure you've rinsed off all the dirt, sweat, and bacteria responsible for body odor.
  • When in doubt, go ahead and rinse it off! Trying to cover up body odor with deodorant or perfume doesn't really work.
  • If you don't want to wash your hair every day (many people say it makes your hair dry and damaged), use a dry shampoo to make your hair fresh again on those days when you don't wash it. This is composed of powders that absorb the skin oil, making your hair look greasy.
Smell Good All the Time Step 2

Step 2. Use a deodorant

Only two percent of all people have a gene that prevents their armpits from producing odors. They are among the lucky ones, aren't they? The rest of us depend on a deodorant to keep bad body odors at bay throughout the day. Put some on after you shower, and reapply later in the day if needed.

  • You can also use a deodorant/antiperspirant combination if you tend to sweat.
  • Deodorant is available as a stick, gel stick, or spray. You can also use a natural mineral deodorant, or make your own using sodium bicarbonate and coconut oil. Experiment with a deodorant that you feel most comfortable with and that lasts the longest.
  • If you want to use perfume or cologne, it is not necessary to use a deodorant with a heavy scent. It's not a good idea to wear too many different scents at once.
Smell Good All the Time Step 3

Step 3. Try body powder

Applying a small amount of body powder after a bath or shower is a great way to stay fresh. Dry yourself completely and put some under your arms, feet and wherever you want. The powder helps to keep your skin dry and cool all day long, so is very useful on hot, humid days.

  • You can buy body powder specially formulated for adults or just use some baby powder - it works just as well. You may prefer a powder without fragrance, because baby powder has a very recognizable smell.
  • Would you rather not buy body powder? Then make it yourself! All you need is some cornstarch. If you want to give it a nice scent, soak a cotton ball in your favorite scent or essential oil. Place the cotton ball in a jar and cover with cornstarch. Apply the body powder with a make-up brush/powder puff.
Smell Good All the Time Step 4

Step 4. Wear clothes that smell nice

Wearing the same clothes several days in a row won't contribute to a nice smell, so make sure to keep your laundry up! Choose a detergent with or without perfume – it doesn't matter as long as your clothes get clean.

  • Bring some extra clothes that you can wear if you are on the road all day. Some people like to have a clean pair of underwear, tights, socks or shirt on hand in case of an emergency.
  • If you work somewhere with a pungent odor or where there is a lot of smoking, you will have to put in extra effort to make your clothes smell nice. Washing them more often and using a stronger perfumed detergent along with fabric softener should help.
  • Dry clean your winter coat and other non-washable clothes every few months to prevent them from smelling bad.
  • Speaking of clothes, also check your bags, backpacks, hats and other accessories. Wash these items once in a while, especially if you use them every day.
Smell Good All the Time Step 5

Step 5. Make your feet smell great

If you're concerned about how your feet smell, pay special attention to them when you shower by scrubbing them, drying them well, and sprinkling them with body or foot powder before putting your socks and shoes back on. Carry an extra pair of socks with you to put on later in the day. Make sure your shoes are in good condition – old shoes can be a source of bad odors.

  • Make sure you have a separate pair of shoes for exercise, rather than wearing your sneakers to school or work.
  • Always carry a small bottle of foot powder with you so you can use it whenever you want throughout the day.
  • Wear socks in your shoes whenever possible. Wearing shoes without socks tends to make you sweat more, which in turn leads to bad smells.
Smell Good All the Time Step 6

Step 6. Get fresh breath

Good oral hygiene is the best way to keep your mouth smelling fresh. Brush and floss every day and visit the dentist regularly to get rid of plaque so you don't have chronic bad breath. In addition to basic hygiene, you can keep your breath fresh throughout the day by doing the following:

  • Drink lots of water. This is especially important during and immediately after meals. This rinses away food residues and cleans the mouth.
  • Use mouthwash – but not those with alcohol. Alcohol in mouthwash can dry out your mouth, which in turn can contribute to the conditions responsible for bad breath. Choose a mouthwash that freshens breath without alcohol and rinse your mouth whenever you need a quick solution.
  • Avoid garlic, onions, and spicy foods if you're "really" concerned about having fresh breath. It is difficult to mask the smell of strong-tasting food with a mouthwash, and the smell can linger even after brushing your teeth or using mouthwash.
  • Always have mints with you so that you can take another last minute when you want to have nice-smelling breath.

Method 2 of 3: Using perfumes and eau de toilette

Smell Good All the Time Step 7

Step 1. Pick the perfect scent

Look for a fragrance that adds to your style and complements your overall appearance. A great scent is one that you don't mind smelling all day long. It should not be too strong, as some people are sensitive to overpowering odors. Experiment with different scents until you find some that you like. You can wear the same scent every day or rotate with a few different ones.

  • Some scents are more appropriate for certain occasions than others. A citrusy, floral, sweet scent can be great for the daytime, while you can opt for a musky and slightly stronger scent for the evening.
  • If you're looking for a more masculine scent, choose a scented water with a hint of pine, cedar, and sandalwood.
  • Scents change depending on who is wearing them. They react with your body's unique chemistry and change a little bit throughout the day. This is something to keep in mind when choosing a scent – ​​a scent that smells good on your friend doesn't have to smell the same on your skin.
  • You can also use a fragrance in the form of a lotion or body oil, if you prefer. Solid perfumes are another popular choice.
Smell Good All the Time Step 8

Step 2. Dab a little on the inside of your wrists

Don't overwhelm yourself with your preferred scent. Apply it strategically so that people close to you can sense a whiff, but don't get intoxicated. A little goes a long way, especially if you use real perfume. Put some on your wrists, neck and behind your ears – that's probably all you need.

  • If you are using a vaporizer, do not spray it directly on your body from a short distance. Hold the bottle a few inches away from your body and lightly spray it into the air. Then move your wrists or other parts of your body through the mist.
  • Even if you use a perfumed lotion, you don't want to rub it all over. Just use it on a few spots, such as your hands and neck. Use an unscented lotion to cover the rest of your skin.
Smell Good All the Time Step 9

Step 3. Put a fragrance in your hair

If your shampoo doesn't smell very strongly, you might be able to give your hair a little scent. This is a good, subtle way to keep you smelling good all day long. Rub a little perfume or essential oil between your hands and then rub it through your hair with gentle movements. An alternative is to add a few drops of your favorite scent to your unscented shampoo or conditioner.

Smell Good All the Time Step 10

Step 4. Stick to a good brand scent

It's not a good idea to put on 3-4 different scents that leave a scent trail as you walk down the halls of your office. Instead of asking you the name of the fragrance you're wearing, they'll pinch their noses when they see you coming! Just don't wear more than one fragrance at a time.

  • This means that if you're wearing a strong-smelling lotion, you're not wearing a perfume, and vice versa.
  • Also make sure you don't accidentally use too many scents. Your deodorant, hairspray, and lip balm may already be perfumed. Try to choose fragrance-free products and stick to one or two main scents.
Smell Good All the Time Step 11

Step 5. Try to come up with your own scent

If you don't want to go overboard with a bottle of perfume or eau de toilette, make it yourself! Buy a few different essential oils, such as rose, lavender, lemongrass, or vetiver, and use a few drops instead of perfume. You can even make your own perfume by mixing different essential oils until you have created something you like the most.

  • Essential oils can be found in health food and health food stores. They are usually in the physical care department.
  • You can dilute the essential oil mix with water or vodka to reduce the smell. Put it in a spray bottle and use it on your skin and in your hair.

Method 3 of 3: Tricks to smell great all day long

Smell Good All the Time Step 12

Step 1. Freshen up a few times a day

This probably won't be a problem in the morning after you shower and change into clean clothes, but it's a good idea to take some time during the day to freshen up as well. Whether you're at school or at work, there are plenty of things you can do to make yourself smell good, even if you've been busy all day or working at your desk.

  • Brush your teeth or use mouthwash. It immediately makes you feel fresher and smells that way.
  • Reapply some perfume if necessary. Not too much – just a light mist for the middle of the day.
  • Change clothes if necessary. If you've been active, you may want to change your underwear or socks mid-day.
  • Use sanitary wipes to clean yourself. Buy the unscented version, because the scented ones can have a strong smell. Wipe yourself in the places where you want to freshen up and then put the deodorant back on.
Smell Good All the Time Step 13

Step 2. Stay away from strong-smelling foods

Try not to eat too many onions, garlic, or spicy foods on days when you think it's very important to smell good. This food has components that stay in your system for a long time and can change your body odor and breath.

  • Cabbage, nuts and legumes also affect your body odor. Eating a lot of broccoli, nuts, or beans can lead to flatulence.
  • Instead, eat fruits and other foods that have a lot of water in them. They will clean your system and help make you smell good.
Smell Good All the Time Step 14

Step 3. Make sure your living environment is clean

Is your bedroom clean and fresh, or does it smell a bit stale? What about your car and other places where you spend a lot of time? By keeping your living environment clean, you will also smell fresher yourself. Make sure your bedroom is clean. Put all your dirty clothes in a locked laundry basket, and hang your clean clothes, or fold them neatly for storage, instead of leaving them lying around in a big pile. Here are a few other ways to keep your living space extra fresh:

  • Give your sheets and pillows a nice scent with natural scents. Mix a few drops of essential oil with water and spray it on your linens when you make the bed.
  • Wash your carpet regularly with shampoo. Carpeting tends to trap odors and can affect the way your things smell. Between these cleanings, clean the carpet by sprinkling sodium bicarbonate over it and then vacuuming it up.
  • Clean your car. Wash the seats and air the interior regularly.
Smell Good All the Time Step 15

Step 4. Give your drawers and cabinets a nice scent

If you want to keep your clothes smelling good, store them in drawers and closets that have scented sachets in them. You can make your own sachets by filling small sachets with dried lavender or other herbs you love. Simply put the fragrance sachets in the corners of your drawers or hang them in wardrobes. They will give your clothes a hint of the herbal scent and prevent them from smelling musty.


  • Do not use anything that you are allergic to or that will itch. Be careful and read the ingredients carefully.
  • Avoid excessive use or application of perfume or eau de toilette. Some people are sensitive or even allergic to strong smells and you can make them sick without even knowing it.

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