Growing a Beard (with Pictures)

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Growing a Beard (with Pictures)
Growing a Beard (with Pictures)

"All who want to hijack must be men with beards…" The beard is often associated with masculinity and strength. That's why you might want one too. Here you can learn how to grow your beard and how to stimulate the growth of beard hair, as well as how to trim and care for your beard. After reading this article, you should no longer worry.


Part 1 of 3: Growing your beard

Grow a Beard Step 1

Step 1. Shave until you have beard growth all over

The worst thing you can do is just stop shaving, or don't even start. This results in a tuft of hair here and there, or in a thin beard that just doesn't look good. If you don't have facial hair everywhere yet, keep shaving regularly and be patient.

  • If you don't know if your beard would grow evenly everywhere, shave your entire face and see where you start to see stubble. Do they grow on your chin just as fast as on your upper lip? Does it grow on your neck as much as on your sideburns? If so, you can grow a beard.
  • If your beard is not growing evenly, there are some things you can do to speed up the process and ensure that your beard grows as thick as possible.
  • Your genes largely determine what kind of beard growth you have. Unfortunately, some men can never grow a full beard.
Grow a Beard Step 2

Step 2. Increase your testosterone levels to accelerate beard growth

If you're still in puberty, or if you're just not getting full beard growth, there are some things you can do to boost your testosterone levels and promote beard growth. The effect won't be visible very quickly, but the hair will start to grow if you try some of the following:

  • Sport. By exercising intensively a few times a week, cardio and strength training, you will create more testosterone, which will improve your beard growth. Warm up for three minutes and then do interval training where you go full for 30 seconds and move slower for 90 seconds. Repeat this seven times.
  • Make sure you get enough vitamin D, either by taking a supplement or by spending more time in the sun.
  • According to recently published research, the herb ashwagandha is said to stimulate testosterone production. It is known as an adaptogen and is sold as a dietary supplement.
Grow a Beard Step 3

Step 3. In the meantime, take good care of your skin

If you want to stimulate facial hair growth, it's important to take good care of your face and address issues that can get in the way of hair growth. Talk to your doctor if you suffer from acne, rosacea or dry skin before growing a beard.

  • See a dermatologist while you still shave regularly. If you are prescribed medication, use it at least a month before growing your beard.
  • Keep your face hydrated so that the hair follicles are healthy and stimulated. Use a natural cleansing foam to keep your skin healthy.
Grow a Beard Step 4

Step 4. Start with a shave

Just as you need a clean canvas if you want to paint a picture, you have to start with a clean face. Trim all the hair on your face with a beard trimmer and then shave it straight. This way you ensure that everything grows evenly.

  • You can also get a close shave at a barber with a knife. It doesn't get any smoother than that, and that's an excellent starting point.
  • After shaving, you don't do anything at all for about four weeks, except wash and take care of your face. Your beard is now just starting to grow.
Grow a Beard Step 5

Step 5. Control the itch in the beginning

Many men start shaving again after a while because it starts to itch. Know that it will take about four weeks to get used to it, after that it will decrease as the beard becomes softer.

Use a moisturizer or natural beard oil to help with the itchiness. Although it will always itch a bit if you grow a beard, you can reduce it a bit. Read the third part if you want more information about grooming a beard

Grow a Beard Step 6

Step 6. Be patient

Everyone's beard grows at a different rate, for some it takes ages to get the beard to your liking, while for others it will grow overnight. No matter how old you are, it's important to have patience so that your beard can grow at its own pace.

Some guys can grow a beard in two or three weeks, others take months to see results

Grow a Beard Step 7

Step 7. Leave the beard on whenever you want

Although many men grow a nice warm beard, especially in winter, it is a myth that a beard in warm weather would not be nice. The beard even protects you from UV rays and can have a cooling effect when it's hot, as it traps sweat on your skin that cools as it evaporates. The itching may be a bit worse in the summer, but it's not too hot.

A beard offers all kinds of health benefits, for example it collects dust, which means you are less likely to suffer from asthma or other respiratory diseases, and it acts as a windcatcher, keeping your face nice and warm when you walk in the cold wind

Part 2 of 3: Keeping and shaping your beard

Grow a Beard Step 8

Step 1. Trim your beard with a trimmer every 5-10 days

After the first growth period is over and the beard has reached the desired length, it is important to start trimming. Most men trim their beards every two weeks, depending on how fast it grows and what type of beard you want.

  • Even if you would like a beard as long as Sinterklaas, you should still make sure that you keep the beard in shape with a trimmer or scissors so that it grows evenly.
  • If you want a short beard and if you have coarse hair you may need to trim more often, maybe every two or three days.
  • Keep the hairs in your neck short to below the jawline. If you don't, you'll soon look like a caveman.
Grow a Beard Step 9

Step 2. Use a beard trimmer

Although you can neatly trim a beard with scissors, it is difficult to make all hairs exactly the same length. You can also use clippers, the only difference is usually the size of the attachments.

  • For a short beard or for the first few months you can use a regular beard trimmer. If you have a very thick beard, you can use clippers.
  • A common mistake the first time trimming is shaving off too much. If you still have stubble, practice with the trimmer before shaving so you know how it works and which attachments to use.
Grow a Beard Step 10

Step 3. Choose a style that suits your face shape

There are many ways to style your beard, but the choice depends on your face shape and personal taste. If you like it, go for it. But in general, with chubby cheeks you should keep the beard shorter on the sides. If you have a narrow face, you can leave it a little longer on the sides.

Decide how high you want the beard to grow. Most people just let this grow as it naturally grows, but if it grows to your cheekbones you may want to remove the top

Grow a Beard Step 11

Step 4. Use your trimmer's stepless setting if you can

On most trimmers you can infinitely adjust the length, so you can adjust it as you go down towards your neck without changing anything. You can also adjust the length of the jaws and chin if you want, for a nice, neat look.

Grow a Beard Step 12

Step 5. Consider a less common beard style

If you want a more complicated model, there are all kinds of options. Try one of the following styles:

  • A goatee means that you shave the cheeks close and only leave a beard on the chin and a mustache.
  • A "Chinstrap" means you only have a thin strip of beard along your jawline, which continues into your mustache. This looks great with very short hair, or with a bald head.
  • A Pharaoh beard involves shaving everything away, except from the chin, where you let it grow very long, sometimes with braids in it.
  • The full beard is exactly as it sounds, here you leave the beard in its entirety and let it grow as long as possible. The neck and upper lip should be trimmed from time to time, otherwise your mustache will hang in your mouth.

Part 3 of 3: Beard care

Grow a Beard Step 13

Step 1. Wash your beard with a moisturizing shampoo before trimming it

It is important to wash the beard so that it is clean, soft and free of knots before trimming it, otherwise it will not go evenly. Wash your beard in the shower with warm water and shampoo.

  • You can use regular hair shampoo or special beard shampoo, depending on how your skin reacts to it. But you can also just use the soap you wash your face with.
  • If you have a longer beard, you may prefer to use a special beard shampoo. It rinses out more easily than soap or regular shampoo.
Grow a Beard Step 14

Step 2. Comb your beard regularly

Most beard trimmers also come with a beard comb, but you can take any hairbrush or comb to comb your beard nicely against your face in the direction of the hair. This way you can immediately see whether it is time to trim it again.

Sometimes things get stuck in your beard. You can collect food, fluff or other debris in your beard, especially if it is very long. So comb it regularly so that it does not become a bird's nest

Grow a Beard Step 15

Step 3. Hydrate daily

If you have sensitive skin, try different creams before growing the beard, and use a suitable cream to keep your roots and face hydrated after the beard has grown to keep your skin healthy underneath. A healthy beard needs a healthy foundation to grow on.

Use a cream with natural ingredients so that your skin does not dry out

Grow a Beard Step 16

Step 4. Use a beard oil to combat itching and dry skin

Although they are by no means used by all men, there are all kinds of beard oils on the market that you can comb into your beard to make it shiny, hydrated and clean. It can look very nice and it helps against itching if you have sensitive skin.

  • Put a little bit of oil on a comb and comb your beard with it. This is the best way to distribute the oil evenly throughout the beard.
  • Coconut oil is also very good for your hair and it is all natural.

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