Becoming a hipster (with pictures)

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Becoming a hipster (with pictures)
Becoming a hipster (with pictures)

Hipsters are people who like clothes, music, food and activities that fall outside the usual currents. If you, too, want to adopt a lifestyle that includes alternative music, vintage clothing and organic coffee, start reading at Step 1.


Part 1 of 5: Hipster fashion

Be a Hipster Step 1

Step 1. Dress like a hipster

Fashion is just as important as your taste in music. While shopping in vintage stores remains the most important thing for hipsters, it's not an obligation, nor does it necessarily have to be part of the hipster wardrobe.

  • Avoid buying designer clothes from stores run by the brand itself (not such fun consumerism). Look for independent shops instead, because supporting obscure businesses is all the rage.
  • Make sure you stand by what you wear. Do you wear different layers? Do you buy it locally? What is the right color or style for this season? Is there anything on your shirt that hipsters can identify with?
Be a Hipster Step 2

Step 2. Wear skinny jeans

The classic skinny jeans define the hipster look, both for boys and girls. Hipster guys are usually as thin as the girls.

  • Note that the boys are probably even more likely to wear skinnys than the girls (they prefer leggings, jeggings/treggings).
  • Alternatively, girls can also wear high-waisted pants.
Be a Hipster Step 3

Step 3. Wear glasses

Hipsters love ironic glasses, such as shutter shades, oversized plastic-framed glasses, Buddy Holly glasses, geek glasses and - for those who can afford them - genuine Ray Ban Wayfarers in all colors of the rainbow.

Some hipsters wear glasses even though they have perfect eyes! In that case, remove the glasses, or make sure they have uncut glasses

Be a Hipster Step 4

Step 4. Wear ironic tops

As for tops, these are good choices: ironic T-shirts, lumberjack shirts, cowboy shirts, anything with small checks or blocks, vintage flowers or Paisley.

  • Many hipsters have tops with appliqués, images of animals or forests, other pictures, characters from children's series, ironic sayings or even book covers.
  • Tight hooded pullovers (hoodies) are also perfect.
Be a Hipster Step 5

Step 5. Dress in vintage

Dresses are fine for girls, preferably with floral print or lace. Grandma's closet is certainly a good resource; although you do need to know how to properly fit vintage clothing.

Be a Hipster Step 6

Step 6. Find suitable shoes

Hipster shoes include cowboy boots, vintage shoes and all kinds of flats.

  • Converse are not worn as much anymore. They look nice and you can almost always wear them, but because everyone has them these days, Dr Martens or other vintage shoes are better.
  • If you like sneakers, check out Classic Reeboks.
  • For girls, the heels should be at least 12 cm high, and ankle boots are also very popular. Cute sandals, Keds, boots and granny shoes are not only very practical but also show how little effort you put in (even if it took you ages to find the perfect pair).
Be a Hipster Step 7

Step 7. Wear accessories

There is a wide choice of accessories, including large floral headbands, neon nail polish, buttons, bright belts, colorful patterned leggings, etc.

  • Don't forget your earrings, piercings and random scars that you supposedly got from chopping wood, or other carpenter-like features.
  • Appropriate ironic accessories are required, such as things kids would bring to school, such as an animal picture on your lunch box.
  • Also essential are a courier bag, preferably something from Freitag, that fits your MacBook, iPhone and vinyl records (never CDs) of your current favorite band.
Be a Hipster Step 8

Step 8. Make sure your layers don't match

Wearing things that don't match is very hipster. It's that I don't care-look that actually takes a lot of planning before you get the hang of it.

Remember that hipster outfits never require adjustments if you decide to go to the beach -- just stick with your urban style and be ironic

Part 2 of 5: Hipster grooming

Be a Hipster Step 9

Step 1. Ignore comments about poor hygiene

Some people associate hipsters with hippies and assume that they don't shower regularly or that they are poorly groomed in other ways. This is a misconception. While some hipsters have a no-shampoo policy (which doesn't make them less clean than others), most groom themselves as well as anyone else (with the added bonus of using handmade and eco-friendly grooming products).

  • While hipsters do shower and keep their teeth clean, they just don't feel like spending money on haircuts, spa sessions, pedicures/manicures, and big makeup boxes because they see it as a sign of adapting to cultural beauty ideals.
  • Hipsters will no doubt be less interested in highlighting their best features because they see their whole self as a feature; From a self-esteem perspective, this is actually quite a healthy starting point.
Be a Hipster Step 10

Step 2. Keep your hair casual

Messy haircuts are fine. The "bed look", long, unkempt hair and hair that refuses to sit flat without chemicals are acceptable looks.

  • Blurring lines between boys and girls in hairstyles are part of hipster culture.
  • Oily hair is also considered okay by some in hipster culture. That doesn't mean you have to give in to it, a fresh but unkempt head may be more your thing.
  • Some hipsters like to dye their hair a weird color.
Be a Hipster Step 11

Step 3. Take a green attitude towards food

Grow your own vegetables and become a vegetarian. Use compost. Eating meat is not really popular in hipster culture, and many hipsters are vegetarian or even vegan. If you do eat meat, you have to pretend that you are above all those vegetarians who are trying in vain to save the world - according to your sense of irony, that movement is long obsolete.

  • Fruit, coffee, Asian food etc. are all hip foods.
  • If you really don't have a place to grow your own food (not even a balcony or windowsill), go to the health food store or organic market.
  • Actually, all hipsters love good food and they love good cooking. If you can't cook, get some good cookbooks today.

Part 3 of 5: Hipster lifestyle

Be a Hipster Step 12

Step 1. Make what is old new again

This requires a mix of frugality, respect for things from the past and the will to demonstrate that you don't get excited about new things. Of course we have to grapple with the inconsistency that hipsters love new Apple products and new clothing from certain brands, but since deep down we are all contradictory creatures, we will understand and accept these contradictions so that we can become a more complete person.

Well-known old things associated with hipsters are American Spirit cigarettes (and flouting smoking laws), Grandpa's clothes, thrift stores, fixies (on which they cycle to the clubs), analog cameras, and recycling and reusing anything (which involves a lot of ingenuity). common sense and fun comes into play)

Be a Hipster Step 13

Step 2. Reject blind consumerism

Hipsters love "niche consumerism". If your purchase supports local entrepreneurs, the environment, a family business or artists, then it's hipster.

Be a Hipster Step 14

Step 3. Be of the right age

Hipsters range from teens to their thirties, today's extended puberty includes existential anxiety, seeking meaning and inner values, and wanting to give meaning to everything.

Of course, this doesn't mean you can't be a hipster when you're a little older, but the fact is that you don't care as much about what's going on in the world as you get older. That probably means a) you don't need any kind of label, b) don't feel the need to belong to a subculture, and/or c) stop making yourself so mad. It could also be that you are trying to steer your own teenagers in a certain direction, and that you want to adopt equal values ​​yourself

Be a Hipster Step 15

Step 4. Go where the hipsters hang out

Hipsters tend to live in urban areas and they are in contact with each other worldwide thanks to the Internet. Most hipsters can be found in the big cities, where "anything goes", near art galleries, movie houses and places where obscure bands play.

Don't just move to the big city because you want to be a hipster if you need to. Maybe in your case it is not at all convenient to live in the city, and besides, you can be hipster wherever you want. An advantage of staying in your own hometown is that people there may not know anything about hipsters, so they don't have any prejudices about them. Note that the internet will always be your best friend

Be a Hipster Step 16

Step 5. Be Educated

Try going to college, as hipsters are often well-educated in liberal arts, graphic arts, or math and science.

  • Read a lot, even if that means sitting down in the local bookstore, absorbing all their knowledge and not buying anything. Try to get as high a level of education as possible if you're having a good time in college.
  • The library is also a good option, because then you don't have to buy books and you can return them when you finish them. It also doesn't matter if you sit there reading all day without taking a book with you - that's quite normal in the library.
  • Hipsters use their right brain more than the rest of society, which is why many hipsters base their careers on music, art or fashion. While these areas are not essential, they do provide an outlet for hipster creativity.
  • Their education allows hipsters to scorn others who scream bloody murder; history just repeats itself, or it's a lot of hassle over nothing.
Be a Hipster Step 17

Step 6. Get there early

Hipsters feel what's worth before it becomes popular. Many bands and DJs become famous after only a handful of hipsters stood in front of the stage. Many clothing trends were started by hipsters, only to be hijacked by major clothing brands. Many tech gadgets are the first to be picked up by hipsters before they become mainstream toys.

  • The irony of being a frontrunner is that when something is taken over by the masses, it's time to look for something else obscure or unknown. That's the bad thing if you want to be an independent mind; you explore the paths, but you have to keep moving.
  • If you're really good at something like math, physics, medicine, political science, eco-consciousness, etc., you might make amazing discoveries ahead of their time. You know deep down you've stumbled upon something that really matters, but you can't convince anyone because it's the great unknown. Have patience and be convinced of your knowledge that one day others will see the value of your discovery.
Be a Hipster Step 18

Step 7. Don't define yourself in front of others

One of the basic elements of being a hipster is to deny this label itself. Don't trumpet that you are; if you do that, you're forming an alliance with all those narrow-minded people who want to pigeonhole everything.

  • The moment you start to define yourself too clearly, you run the risk of stagnating. Many hipsters will therefore deny their hipster identity.
  • To preemptively ward off skeptics, some hipsters also direct their irony on themselves by admitting and ridiculing their hipsterness (for example, by wearing a shirt that says, "I hate hipsters"); that way, by mocking themselves, they are ahead of the rest.
Be a Hipster Step 19

Step 8. Keep a close eye on the hipster community

For example, if there is a new obscure band playing somewhere, you should be aware of it. Look on the internet.

Part 4 of 5: Hipster relaxation

Be a Hipster Step 20

Step 1. Read hipster classics

The books you read are important because they connect you with other hipsters, provide you with information about cultural issues and increase your knowledge. There's a lot to read, so separate the wheat from the chaff and dig into what matters most. Things you can read include:

  • Hipster magazines like Vice and Wallpaper. Foreign leaves are also good.
  • Great books and poems by the likes of Jack Kerouac, Allen Ginsberg and Norman Mailer. Any other books you love. All books, period; reading books sets hipsters apart from many other people. Visit the political science, anthropology, and sociology department of the library regularly.
  • Blogs from other hipsters. You can also have so much inspiration that you want to write your own blog.
Be a Hipster Step 21

Step 2. Watch hipster movies

Watch cult and foreign films and go to smaller theater productions, such as Wunderbaum or the Veenfabriek. Watch Wes Anderson, Hal Hartley and Jim Jarmusch movies.

Be a Hipster Step 22

Step 3. Listen to up-and-coming alternative bands

Indie is a big part of being hipster. Turn to the endless and always innovative list of alternative artists, especially in the corners of nu-rave, minimalist techno, alternative rap, nerdcore, garage rock and punk rock.

  • Hipster artists of note include Lana del Rey, Pink Floyd, Nirvana, Animal Collective, Grizzly Bear, Belle & Sebastian, Electric President, Stray Kites, Jens Lekman, Neutral Milk Hotel, M83, Neon Indian, Neon Neon, Margot & The Nuclear So and Sos, and King Khan and the Shrines. It's all about listening to music that most people have never heard of.
  • Music blogs like Gorilla vs. Bear, Indiehere, /mu/, and Stereogum can help you find suitable bands to listen to. You can also seek out people who know a lot about alternative music to learn new things.
  • Perhaps the most popular hipster music site is If they rate an album well, it must be very hip.
  • A good indicator of whether an artist is hip is if your non-hipster friends have never heard of it.
  • Feel free to listen to music from other countries, because most mainstream music comes from America and England.

Part 5 of 5: Socializing

Be a Hipster Step 23

Step 1. Use social media

Hipsters love Blogspot, Tumblr, Instagram and Wordpress, besides they like to take pictures with their Holga camera and edit pictures to make them "dreamy". Social media is also a great way to discover new things before they go mainstream.

Be a Hipster Step 24

Step 2. Go out with other hipsters

The reason for hanging out with other hipsters is that you will probably click and be aligned on many points. The brawny hunk or tanning tan are probably not your type, so a fellow hipster is the answer.

Be a Hipster Step 25

Step 3. Get dancing

If you want to see a hipster, next time you go to a concert, turn around and see who's in the back of the room talking, beer in hand. Very occasionally, if the music and the atmosphere are right, a hipster will dance.

  • When a hipster dances, he uses not so much the hips, but the upper body and the arms all the more. Shake your head back and forth a lot, but only do this if you're not easily embarrassed (and as a hipster you shouldn't care).
  • Although you hardly ever see hipsters dancing at concerts, they tend to enjoy parties where they can dance to some more upbeat hipster dance music.
Be a Hipster Step 26

Step 4. Adopt the language and attitude

While there will be many variations - part of the reality of hipster culture is that things are constantly changing - here are a few things to know:

  • Remember to use the key hipster phrase, "I liked them before they got famous".
  • Drop names often. Talk about all the obscure bands that you like but no one knows about. When your friends talk about a band you don't know, say you know the name but haven't heard of them yet. Find them as soon as possible. It makes you more believable.
  • Insult a lot of bands. If you like everything you hear, they'll think you're too fanatical. Make sure you give the impression that you feel too good for a lot of bands.
  • If you want to appear smarter, this is a good sentence: "I liked their first LP, but I didn't get much further".
  • Use as many made-up words as possible. Or use existing words that no one actually knows what they mean.
Be a Hipster Step 27

Step 5. Sharpen your humor

A hipster is known for his strong sense of irony and sarcasm. If you are asked a question, refuse to answer directly; sow confusion, answer a question or just be sarcastic.

  • Make sure you chuckle, because the other person may take your sarcasm for truth.
  • An example: If you're in the cinema, and the person next to you asks you "Wow, that was great, did you see that?", you can reply in a dry tone: "No, I just paid 10 euros to go to the staring at the ceiling".
  • Look to British comedy series for examples of good use of sarcasm.
  • Look at things with humor and don't take yourself too seriously. Hipsters are often parodied, so you better make sure you can laugh about it.
Be a Hipster Step 28

Step 6. Prepare for criticism

Know that being hipster is frequently parodied because hipsters offend people. You will have to get used to disdainful attitudes and come up with ways of responding to them that are most comfortable for you.

  • You will often hear that your subculture is less than what the hater believes in.
  • Given the tendency of hipsters to adopt progressive politics, you're bound to hear some conservative contempt every now and then, so it might be good to have some standard responses ready.
  • When people ridicule your dress, remind them that their supposedly trendy mass-produced clothing is made by kids in sweatshops, and that they should contribute to it if they need to. If they then answer that your Apple products are also made under those conditions, you change the subject to an obscure tape they've never heard of.
  • Recognize the root of the problem.Realize that many people who attack you are probably very insecure about their own place in society, and they have many different ideas about what culture is, or how to reconcile those different elements of their culture with their lifestyle and preferences. Try to show a little compassion.
  • Nerds have a weird relationship with hipsters. While some act disdainfully, some geeks do realize that they actually look a bit like them and sometimes mix with hipsters.


  • A casual attitude makes you radiate a mysterious character.
  • Always have the latest iPhone.
  • Coffee (preferably organic fair-trade coffee from a local cafe) is seen as an important food.


  • Don't take this article too seriously, think of it more as some guidelines to work with if you're comfortable with that. Hipsters are proud to stand apart from the crowd.
  • Also, don't take yourself too seriously.
  • Sometimes, very occasionally, you can get really frustrated that other people don't see what's so great about your music, fashion, and other choices. Do not give up; you will never see, hear or feel what they love about their lifestyle, and that's because everyone is different.
  • The point of being a hipster is to look like you're not putting in the effort, when you probably are. Just accept it.
  • Don't expect to be a hipster right away. It is quite a process and you should not rush it.
  • Negativity can permeate hipster culture, perhaps as a counterpoint to the ridiculously positive, Emiel-Ratelband attitude found in many of the corporate and consumer cultures these days. But negativity isn't the answer, it's just a reaction. Always try to find a balance and calm in your life instead of looking gloomy. Yes, society is full of problems, but being negative doesn't solve them, while a realistic and pragmatic approach to doing things that make a difference can contribute to a better world. Also remember that every generation is cursed with the thought that everything used to be better, or could be better. We are time and body bound beings who must accept our limitations while making the best of what we know and can do. Constantly denouncing and criticizing everything can lead to a crippling lifestyle, in which complaining becomes our natural state, while we have to get out of that status quo.

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