Make small breasts look bigger

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Make small breasts look bigger
Make small breasts look bigger

Ideally, every woman should be happy and comfortable with the body she has. Unfortunately, many women are not! If you're not happy with your breasts and want to make them look bigger and firmer, read on for tips and tricks on how to do that without surgery, pills, or hormones.


Method 1 of 4: Posture and exercises

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Step 1. Know whether your current posture makes your breasts look bigger or not

Do the mirror test. Look at yourself from the side in the mirror and see if you can draw a straight line from your earlobe through your shoulder, your hip, your knee to the middle of your ankle. If you can do that, your breasts will appear larger and more perky, and the rest of your body will appear thinner and longer.

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Step 2. Practice good posture

This is by far the cheapest and fastest way to make your breasts look bigger. Check your posture in the mirror several times a day and improve your posture. It is important to build up your "muscle memory" so that you eventually unconsciously and automatically assume the correct position without getting tired.

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Step 3. Train the upper chest muscles

Also by training the muscles under your breasts they appear firmer and rounder. Regular push-ups are the only way to achieve this; build it up slowly until you can do 15 pushups in a row. There are also all kinds of exercises with weights that you can use to train your chest muscles.

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Step 4. Focus on your waist

Working on your core (the muscles around your waist and ribs) will make your breasts look proportionately larger, without actually adding more breast volume. Try Yoga and Pilates exercises that can help burn calories and strengthen the muscles around your core.

Keep in mind that if you lose weight, your breasts often get smaller. So the idea is to tighten your waist, but not really lose weight

Method 2 of 4: Breast Enhancement Bras

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Step 1. Wear the right size bra

Unfortunately, some women still wear the wrong bra size because they have never measured their size accurately. The right bra should fit snugly around your breasts, comfortably encompassing both of your breasts, and you should be able to stand up straight. Measure your bra size yourself or go to a department store or clothing store to have it measured (don't be shy about getting it measured -- normally staff are hired to help customers in a warm and pleasant way. used to it and have seen it all before.

  • A bra that is too big will look lumpy.
  • The same goes for putting tissues or other things in your bra. If you want to put something in your bra, try one of the methods below.
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Step 2. Know how to put on a bra properly

Once you have the correct size, make sure you put on your bra in a way that gives you maximum support for your breasts and in a way that it is comfortable. Pass the straps over your arms, facing forward, in such a way that the closures are at the back. Bend over so that your entire chest comes out, and maneuver the bra over your breasts. Still bent over, reach back and fasten the clasp. Adjust the straps if necessary.

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Step 3. Wear bras that accentuate your breasts

There are many options available, so the best way to find out if you're getting the effect you want is to try many different strains. The following types of bras are best for women who want larger breasts:

  • Push-up bras are designed to push your breasts up (as the name implies) and bring the breasts closer together, giving you more cleavage. They push the breasts up through padding made of foam. The best brand of push up bras is Wonderbra. Most lingerie stores have a variety of push-up bras from different brands.
  • Padded bras contain foam padding in the cups, just like push-up bras. They are designed to make breasts appear larger, especially for women with small breasts, but they do not push the breasts up or create an extra cleavage.
  • Gel, water or air filled bras are basically the same as foam padded bras, but they are designed to look more natural. They move better with you and raise the breasts more. The only downside is that they are usually more expensive. Air-filled bras also need to be replaced more often because the air leaks out over time.
  • Many women are very satisfied with silicone filling, also called "chicken fillets".

Method 3 of 4: Clothes that accentuate your breasts

Make Boobs Bigger Step 4

Step 1. Wear clothes with a decorated neckline

Lace, ruffles, jewels and pleats are examples of embellishments that make your breasts appear larger. This kind of detail gives a visual boost and helps to make the breasts look bigger. If you are wearing ruffles, be aware that they are not so big that they drown out the size of your breasts; your breasts can actually look smaller!

  • Don't wear clothes with a low v-neck, because that will make your breasts look smaller. Opt for a mid-rise crew neckline or a pleated collar instead. These are best suited for women with smaller breasts as they enhance the shape of the breasts and make the breasts appear larger.
  • Avoid wearing tight-fitting clothes. This clothing clearly shows what is there and what is not. Loose-fitting, loose-fitting outerwear and layers are a better choice if you don't want to draw attention to your smaller breasts.
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Step 2. Use patterns and colors to your advantage

Appropriate patterns and colors can help make your body look different. In general, light colors make slightly larger and dark colors smaller:

  • If you wear patterns or light, bright colors, wear them on your torso, not on your legs like your pants, dress, or skirt. Wear flatter colors on the bottom to give your figure better proportions.
  • Wear dark pants with a top with horizontal stripes and light colors to make your hips appear smaller -- your breasts will appear proportionately larger.
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Step 3. As a last resort, use makeup to create the illusion of bigger breasts

Apply a dark layer of foundation where you want to create the impression of cleavage. However, this is not recommended for everyday use, it can start to smudge and look weird. But for photos or a special occasion it can be a good idea. But take your time, it's no fun when someone finds out that you have a painted cleavage.

Method 4 of 4: Appreciate yourself

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Step 1. Accept reality

Small breasts are not as big of a problem for others as they are for you. For starters, not everyone likes big breasts. It's absolutely not true that men only like big-breasted women-- everyone has their own taste. Plus, smaller breasts last longer, and gravity is a lot nicer to small-breasted women who are getting older; your breasts will sag a lot less than the big breasts of the women you're jealous of now. As long as you are healthy, you should try to be happy with your body!

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Step 2. Notice that if you are a teenager, your breasts are likely to get bigger on their own

It seems like it will never happen, but just wait and see!

  • There are many 16-year-old girls who think their breasts have grown, but at 20 they realize that they haven't.
  • You may find that your breasts get bigger and bigger when you get pregnant.


  • When you're wearing your bra, lift your breasts one by one into the cup with your hand. Your breasts look bigger and sit further up, and the bra fits nicely around your breasts.
  • Make sure your bra straps are tight and not too loose. Tighter bra straps give a good lift.
  • Remember that your breasts will continue to grow past your 20s. So when you're young, you can look at the breasts of women in your family to see how big your breasts will be. You can also try to lose some weight so that the rest of your body is better in proportion to your breasts.
  • Don't buy a bra that's too big. That's going to be weird under your clothes.
  • Layering two bras will make your breasts look a lot bigger, but it won't look very natural.
  • If you wear tight clothes (skinny's and tight shirts) your breasts will look bigger. You can also wear a push-up bra.
  • Lubricating your breasts with massage oil can help while you are still growing.
  • Try different bra sizes until you find the right one. You can also get help from a shop.
  • Playing with or squeezing your breasts has no effect on size. You can't change your genes by squeezing.
  • To get bigger breasts you need to eat fruits and vegetables, drink lots of water, drink whole milk and do lots of push-ups to train your pecs. Fatty foods like butter, cheese and whole milk will make you gain weight, giving you bigger breasts naturally!
  • Put toilet paper in your bra, it's an old trick and much cheaper than all that expensive padding.
  • Be aware of stores where, instead of telling you your real size, they will sell you a size that happens to be in stock. If a store doesn't have a limited bra selection and the bra isn't comfortable, trust your instincts and don't buy.
  • Understand that beauty includes a wide variety of body types and sizes, as well as a wide variety of breast sizes.

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