Making your bed: 12 steps (with pictures)

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Making your bed: 12 steps (with pictures)
Making your bed: 12 steps (with pictures)

You've probably heard it from your mom a thousand times, but making your bed every morning is a must. It makes the whole room look tidier and more organized, and it makes it a lot more inviting to curl up under the covers when it comes to going to bed. Making your bed sounds like a simple task, but doing it neatly and in the right way takes quite a bit of know-how. So start with step 1 to learn how to make your bed perfectly.


Part 1 of 2: Making your bed


Step 1. Remove everything from the bed

Whether you make the bed after you get up or after you wash your bedding, the first thing you do is take the bed off. So also all pillows, hugs, etc.

  • Remove the duvet(s), cover and pillows and set them aside (preferably not on the floor).
  • Leave the fitted sheet.

Step 2. Place the fitted sheet around the mattress

If there is no fitted sheet on the mattress yet, do so now. Due to the elastic corners, it fits exactly around the mattress.

  • Make sure the corners of the cover are snug around the mattress. You may need to lift the mattress to get this done.
  • Rub away any creases in the fitted sheet so that it looks nice and smooth.

Step 3. Now put the sheet on the mattress

Now spread the sheet over the mattress. Remember that the side with the large hem will be at the top of the bed and the hem should align with the top part of the mattress.

  • If your sheets have a particular pattern, the pattern should be on the inside so you can see it when you fold the sheet.
  • Make sure the sheet has equal space on both sides of the mattress.

Step 4. Now form hospital corners

The term "hospital corner" refers to a specific way of folding where the end of the sheet is tucked under the mattress. It's the hardest part of making a bed, but also the part that makes your bed look the neatest.

  • You create a hospital corner by tucking the end of the sheet between the mattress and the crib at the foot end. Don't just stuff it in, but make sure it's smooth and without wrinkles.
  • Grab a piece of the sheet about 8 inches from the foot of the bed. Lift this up and fold this part of the sheet over the top of the mattress so that it forms a 45-degree angle with the corner of the mattress.
  • Keeping the folded sheet on top of the mattress, tuck each piece of bedding under the sheet and on that side of the bed. Do this as neatly as possible for best results.
  • Now drop the folded piece from the sheet. If you prefer loose sheets, you can stop now, but if you prefer sleeping under sheets that are tucked in tightly, you can tuck this part of the sheet neatly between the bed and the mattress, all the way along all sides of the bed.
  • Repeat on the other side of the bed.

Step 5. Place the duvet on top

If the top sheets are properly tucked in, you can now make up the blankets, the duvet and any bedspread.

  • Make sure that the duvet hangs equally far across the bed.
  • The top of the duvet/blanket should extend to approximately 6 inches (15 cm) from the edge of the top sheet at the head end.

Step 6. At the head end, fold the sheet down over the duvet or blanket

Do you see now that you can see the pattern on the inside of the sheet?

  • If you are using a blanket or a thin duvet, you can fold the blanket and sheet together so that the seam of the sheet is no longer visible. Duvets are usually a bit too thick to fold.
  • If you like that, you can also tuck in the corners of the edges on the side, so that the whole looks very neat. That's how they do it in the military!

Step 7. Beat the pillow

Grab your pillows and give them a few firm pats before putting them back on the bed. You can do this by grabbing both sides of the cushion and quickly squeezing and releasing – like playing an accordion!

  • Smooth the pillows and place them on the bed at the head of the bed.
  • If you have more than one pillow (double bed), stack the extra pillow directly on top of the other.

Step 8. Dotting the i

Now your bed is almost completely made!

  • Finally, place any decorative pillows and place them upright at the headboard or wherever you feel they should be.
  • If you have an extra blanket, quilt or bedspread that you want to use because it looks nice (or in case it gets cold!), fold it neatly in half and place it evenly at the foot of the bed.

Part 2 of 2: Developing good habits


Step 1. Make your bed every morning

This is a simple but useful habit.

  • Just making your bed will make your bedroom look tidier and feel calmer. And just imagine how nice it will be to crawl into a neatly made bed to go to sleep!
  • It may be hard to believe, but making your bed every day will make you a lot happier!

Step 2. Wash the sheets every 1-2 weeks

People often don't know how often they should wash their sheets. The answer? Every 1-2 weeks.

  • Although it is preferable to do this every 1-2 weeks, you can extend the washing up to a month. But if it starts to smell less good in your bedroom, then you know why.
  • You only need to wash duvets, blankets or anything that does not come into direct contact with your body once every three months.

Step 3. Learn the easiest way to put a cover on a duvet

Anyone who sleeps under a duvet knows that it can be a nightmare to fit a duvet with the cover. But, there's a trick that makes this a breeze:

  • Turn the duvet cover inside out, then reach inside the cover with your arms and grab a corner with each hand (like a glove puppet). Now, through the duvet cover, grip the top two corners of the duvet firmly - one corner in each hand.
  • While holding the corners firmly, shake the duvet until the duvet cover unrolls itself around the duvet. Then tuck in the bottom corners of the duvet and snap or button up the cover.
  • Other than that, the best advice is to be patient and otherwise enlist the help of a family member or friend!

Step 4. Use a mattress protector

If you don't have one yet, buy a mattress protector. Just make sure you buy the right size.

You put a mattress protector on the mattress, but under the fitted sheet. It protects the mattress against dirt and sweat and provides extra sleeping comfort


  • When you're done making the bed, smooth out the duvet to make it as neat as possible.
  • Make sure your bedding is clean so it smells nice and cozy.
  • Make sure the sheets are properly folded around the corners.
  • Make your bed every day, or fold back the bedding so the mattress can air out, no matter how you feel when you wake up. It's good to structure your morning, and it helps to wake up quickly.
  • Make sure each side is even.
  • If you have a four-poster bed, some pillows in the corner can make the room seem bigger.
  • You can also put the pillow on the bed at the head end when you're done!
  • Wash your sheets, fitted sheets, duvet covers and pillowcases every Sunday. That way, your bed stays cleaner and fresher, and it's healthier to sleep in.
  • Stack your cushions for a beautiful finish.
  • Lay a bedspread over the bed.

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