Editing a wikiHow article: 6 steps (with pictures)

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Editing a wikiHow article: 6 steps (with pictures)
Editing a wikiHow article: 6 steps (with pictures)

wikiHow is a wiki, so anyone can edit articles, even without an account! Here are a few instructions for making edits.


Step 1. Find an article you want to edit

Search wikiHow or browse the category entries to find what you want to work on, if you haven't already. If you found an article through a search engine on the web, you can click on the article title to go to the full page of the article.

Step #2. Click on the Edit link

On a computer (that is, not in the mobile version but in the desktop version of the website) you'll find the Edit link below the wikiHow logo, in the top left corner of the page, next to the Article link. You'll also find separate Edit links in each section, showing you the exact section you want to edit. On the wikiHow mobile site, you can click the pencil icon above the section title.

You do not need to have an account to perform an operation. However, it is recommended that you create an account to make edits, because that way you can discuss edits with others via your talk pages and email

Step 3. Edit the article to improve its quality

Try to change the content in such a way that the writing style and main arguments remain intact. But you are also allowed to intervene radically if things are not right!

Read more about writing a wikiHow article for directions on wikiHow syntax (for posting notes, links, sub-steps, and the like)

Step 4. Click Preview at the bottom of the screen to see how your changes will look in the browser

Click Changes to see what you've changed from the existing page. By clicking on Changes, your edit will not be saved at first

Step 5. Describe your edit. Briefly describing your edit will help wikiHow proofreaders determine whether to keep your edits. For example, disc: "I corrected an error in a formula".

Step 6. Click Publish to save your edit


  • Randomly deleting texts, writing nonsense or doing illegal things can result in your account being blocked.
  • Placing links to commercial websites in your article is not allowed. All wikiHow pages are nofollow. Placing links to commercial websites in existing articles may result in your account being blocked.
  • Plagiarism is not allowed. Make sure you include references in the text if you refer to texts by others.

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