Disabling a seatbelt alarm: 6 steps (with pictures)

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Disabling a seatbelt alarm: 6 steps (with pictures)
Disabling a seatbelt alarm: 6 steps (with pictures)

It is common knowledge that you should wear your seat belt when you are in the car. However, there are many situations where a seat belt alarm can become annoying. For example, if you drive over a farm at low speed and stop frequently, you may not need a seat belt. Even urban situations, such as grabbing your wallet at the drive-through or having your dog sit in the passenger seat, can be unpleasant with that constant squeaking. Sometimes it is even possible that the alarm will hang, whether you are wearing a seat belt or not. Fortunately, it is usually possible to disable the seat belt alarm.


Method 1 of 2: Disabling the seat belt alarm using the manufacturer's tool

Disable a Seat Belt Alarm Step 4
Disable a Seat Belt Alarm Step 4

Step 1. Beware of the airbag

In many cars, the seat belt sensor is also used to activate the airbag. Before doing anything drastic to disable the seatbelt alarm, check to see if this is the case in your car.

Disable a Seat Belt Alarm Step 5
Disable a Seat Belt Alarm Step 5

Step 2. Check the user manual or ask the seller to turn off the alarm by software

Almost all manuals provide instructions on how to turn off the seatbelt alarm without cutting wires. Typically, you have to perform a number of tasks in the car while it is parked. The process of disabling the seat belt alarm in a Toyota Camry (2004 and newer) is given as an example below.

  • Put the key in the ignition and turn on the power. Do not start the engine.
  • There is a button on the dashboard panel that allows you to view the travel distance and total distance driven. Press this button until you see `ODO` appear on the panel.
  • Turn the car off and then on again by turning the key.
  • Press and hold the same button for 10-15 seconds. While holding the button, fasten the seat belt, then release the button.
  • You should now see `B OFF` flashing on the panel. This indicates that you have disabled the seat belt alarm.
Disable a Seat Belt Alarm Step 6
Disable a Seat Belt Alarm Step 6

Step 3. Turn off the alarm

This may mean that you need to use the steps in the user manual to reprogram the alarm. This is often, as described above, a series of tasks that you perform when the car is parked. You can also take the car to the dealer to have it done. Some vehicles even have to be taken to the dealer to be reprogrammed with special software.

It's worth noting that dealers are often unenthusiastic about such a request due to legality and liability issues. However, this is the safest method of disabling the alarm and dealers will make adjustments in special cases

Method 2 of 2: Installing a seat belt alarm stopper

Disable a Seat Belt Alarm Step 1
Disable a Seat Belt Alarm Step 1

Step 1. Buy a loose seat belt clip if the seat belt is not going to use

There are two basic products on the market that are known as seat belt alarm stoppers. The first is simply a loose belt clip that you can click into the holder. The safest way to use this option is to purchase a seat belt clip or tongue that exactly matches the original seat belt clip. You can look for one at an auto parts store or a car dump.

  • Measure the overall dimensions of the exposed metal part of the clamp, as well as the dimensions of the holder.
  • Remember that driving without a seatbelt is very dangerous and against the law in most areas.
Disable a Seat Belt Alarm Step 2
Disable a Seat Belt Alarm Step 2

Step 2. Buy an extension if you are going to use the seat belt

The other stopper option is an extension. This is a piece that snaps into the holder side, but also provides a second holder so that you can use the belt without removing the alarm stopper. You can purchase an extension from the original seat belt manufacturer. It must meet the requirements stated in the user manual, including mass and stature.

Following the extension criteria is important because your belt must pass an anchor pull test, which ensures that the belt can withstand the forces provided by an accident. You can find the requirements online or you can ask the belt manufacturer

Disable a Seat Belt Alarm Step 3
Disable a Seat Belt Alarm Step 3

Step 3. Install the seat belt alarm stopper

Make sure your stopper fits in the holder. Then simply click the stopper into the holder. You are now free from beeping alarm sounds.


  • You may need a flashlight to get a better look under the seats.
  • Afterwards, drive your car for a while to see if it worked; if you cut the wrong wires, just use couplers to reconnect them.
  • It shouldn't matter whether or not the belt is activated while you're doing this, but it can vary from vehicle to vehicle.


  • Adjusting the seat belt will void the warranty.
  • Do not attempt to cut the belt harness. This will probably deactivate the front passenger airbag. In some cars, cutting this cable even has the opposite effect than desired, so the alarm is permanently switched on.
  • Do not cut wires when your vehicle's engine is on.
  • It is not recommended to bypass the alarm by making adjustments to the belt holder. Some belts contain pyrotechnic devices that can explode if tampered with. Removing or modifying the parts in the holder may further result in the belt releasing during an accident.
  • Any adjustments to the seat belt sensor can affect the operation of the airbags. This can put you and your passengers in serious danger. Make sure the airbags are not affected before adjusting the seat belt alarm sensor.

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