Contributing to wikiHow: 3 steps (with pictures)

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Contributing to wikiHow: 3 steps (with pictures)
Contributing to wikiHow: 3 steps (with pictures)

Want to contribute to the world's largest collection of how-tos? It may seem impossible, but there are thousands of people working together on wikiHow and many hands make light work. Fortunately, there are many ways you can help, so there's bound to be something you can do that matches your interests and skills.


WikiHow sign in

Step 1. Register on wikiHow and read articles on topics you know a lot about

You can comment on articles or write something on a writer's Talk page.

Once you have registered, please take a moment to write something on your Profile page

Edit wikiHow Article

Step 2. Edit articles written by others

Once you've registered, you can make edits to other people's articles. If you know a lot about a certain subject, you will certainly come across things that are not quite right. Click Edit to change the article.

  • Correct spelling and grammar mistakes. Some people know everything about a certain topic, but write their articles full of spelling mistakes. If you see a mistake, press Edit to correct it.
  • Be tolerant of dissent. While wikiHow articles are usually quite factual, you may disagree for personal reasons. Remember that wikiHow is there to let people know how to do something. Be careful when making changes.
WikiHow; Write an Article

Step 3. Write an article

As a registered user you can also post articles. First, read how to write a wikiHow article.

After editing, you can add an article to your Watchlist. If an article is on your watchlist, you will be notified by email about changes made to that article by others. While you can't prevent others from working on your article, you can track any changes and change back if necessary


  • If you notice something that should be changed or removed immediately, such as something that is illegal (in the Netherlands) or objectionable, please post on the wikiHow Netherlands talk page.
  • In your Preferences you can also enter a writer's name in addition to your username. That could be your real name or a pseudonym.
  • If you have any questions about wikiHow in general, please contact one of the administrators or post to the English-language forum.

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